How about those SFs, huh?

And the winner is……………..MONFILS!! Not the winner of Roland Garros, but the winner of the critical LAST SF spot available. Isn’t that how you see it? I mean, Davydenko is always a question mark in regards to how far he can get, although RG was probably the best bet that he could once again reach the SF. Ferrer was up close to, but Monfils just came out so much stronger. So congrats to Monfils! Just a reminder, Monfils is French! A French player in the SF of RG doesn’t happen every year and this is the time to really hope that they get somethign to cheer about in Paris. Or do we all want Fed-Nadal, AGAIN?!?!

I see no point in analyzing tomorrow’s matches. I think the winners will be Federer and Nadal. Federer because he is completely starved in Paris, and because Nadal has never looked this strong in Paris (really weird fact) and still undefeated at age 22 (sick, sick, sicker fact!!)
But what kind of damage could Monfils and Djoko do to get a Serbian-French final?
Monfils has got to get Federer running around and varying with big shots on both sides. Federer seems to enjoy predictable players, though still the best anticipator I’ve ever seen. My point is that he usually destroys players that are too predictable. On the top of my head I have Davydenko and Roddick as examples. There are probably a bunch of them…

Also, being patient might be a way to go against Federer. If he start hitting errors (I said IF!) then he might get frustrated enough to infuriate the edgy home crowd and turn them against him. He won’t get too much support tomorrow I presume, but Monfils has to really overplay and Federer be on a lower level if he want a French winner. I say Federer in 4, to be nice. For all I care, I hope I’m wrong.

Djokovic played his best tennis in Hamburg. P-E-R-I-O-D. While watching the match I remember thinking that there was nothing he could have done much better in order to win. Yes, there was an important point here and there, but it all came down to Nadal’s errors. Nadal is proably one of the most consistent players, but I’m surprised so few mention his rare, but still quite a few bad games and even sets (no, not in Paris, not this year). But rarely would you go and say that Nadal played an awful match. That’s why he is a champ and still an underachiever ranking and GS-wise. But still, and no offense to Djoko, Nadal in 3!!!

So match of the day tomorrow?! I say watch both! Monfils is able to pull a miracle, and Djokovic has plenty of talent and was actually dangerously close in Hamburg. Tennis matches are a lot closer than they sometimes seem, and even the two best players have won a big chunk of titles with the closest matches ever seen. That’s why tomorrow, as always!, anything can happen!


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2 Responses to “How about those SFs, huh?”

  1. Tim Says:

    You got to be kidding! Monfils has no game to beat Federer. Ferrer played his worst match unfortunately. Federer will tear him up, I’m afraid. And I’m a Nadal fan!

  2. Robin Says:

    Finally you changed the look! I could not read the microscopic-sized text that you used to have!

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