What year is this again?!

This is the third year now with a Fed-Rafa final and a 4th year where they meet in RG. Could it be that the scores will be exactly like last year and just call it a repeat?! Apart from Monfils, there aren’t too many things that separate the event from las year, with the one this year.

Nadal had no real problems taking care of Djokovic. There were some phenomenal rallies and Djokovic contributed to a lot of the action, but was always just a little too late at the key shots. First set was as tight as it could get. It could have gone either way, but Nadal’s consistency was stunning. I remember seeing 1 unforced from Nadal after about 30min of play. Then in the second set, both players lowered the quality of their games, but Nadal never goes below 99.5%. Djokovic started hitting more and more errors and serving wasn’t helping him either. The third set was really not something you’d expect in a SF of a Grand Slam. Nadal taking an early 3-0 lead, only to be hunted back to 3-3 after Djokovic went for his shots almost at any opened opportunity. That why he actually had a chance to secure that third set going into 4-4 and 5-5. A tie-break would normally favor smart serving Djokovic, but got to 0-6 after a couple of minutes. The END. He once again went for the big shots, but this time hit them far wide or under the net. Nothing he could do, nothing he could have done better, except for maybe playing overall better in the 2nd set. Nadal looks dangerous in every way possible. Watch out Federer, this could get ugly.

Federer on the other hand seemed to be playing poorly, but the stats generally don’t lie. It was Monfils, who started the match poorly, but as it progressed got better and better. He was actually giving Fed a hard time at the baseline, at the net, with the defense. Much of his game plan seemed to work OK. But OK is not good enough and even though he took the 2nd set when he went for some big shots and with a little Federer error-help, he had no chance in reality to stay consitent enough to win it. But taking Federer to 5-5 in the 4th set, that’s just more than any thought he could do. So, Federer fans, I can assure you that Federer didn’t play poorly yesterday, it was Monfils who stepped up even further. However, if he wants to win tomorrow, he has to raise his baseline play further. Serving was good at 71%, net play was efficient, although the errors he made were SIMPLE, he actually managed to get the hard ones, which might be a good thing against Nadal!

Oh well, first it’s the ladies and Ivanovic-Safina. I actually want both of them to win. Ivanovic because she’s probably the hottest #1 ranked player ever, and because she was very close last year and deserves the title. Safina is 13th seed and has had a very good spring and also deserves to be in the final. I want her to win because her brother is cool and there’s nothing like having siblings be grand slam champions. I say Ivanovic in 3.


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