The battle will continue

Federer will, I say, will advance to the SF today, and it will be interesting to see the stats of the big three then. But here is a stat that simply makes Nadal the biggest favorite ever.
Look at this games won-lost:
Nadal (5 matches): 81-25 (76,4%!!!)
Djokovic (5 matches) 99-59 (62,7%)
Federer (4 matches) 62-46 (57,4%)

I know this may not be important, but there’s no reason to highlight Nadal’s complete dominance in all of his matches. Almagro going down 1, 1, and 1 is simply not right. And remember that having a higher number of games won, like Djoko, isn’t always a good sign. Winning many sets 7-5 or 7-6 just means that the % will be lower than, say a player who wins it 6-2.

BUT! The real important match today is Monfils-Ferrer…Question being can Monfils do it?!
I don’t know… How he came into this tournament with a 5-7 record for 2008 and went all the way to the QF is maybe a suprise. As opposed to the other remaining players, he has had to deal with some of the clay lovers. Horna and Melzer are a couple, Clement is just a tiring player to play against and Ljubicic was the surprise who took out Davydenko.
They’ve never met and I really don’t know who the winner will be. Monfils is athletic and will probably not have too much trouble with the energetic Ferrer, but he seems just a little to clumsy on the red stuff. But their styles should give us some 1st class tennis, so watch it!


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