Berdych is back!

Where have you been, man? I haven’t seen you play since Miami Masters, which was the last time he got a decent result. I don’t know what he’s been struggling with, but beating Del Potro 6-1, 6-4 sounds very very good. Del Potro has been beating good players with same kind of numbers and went in with all sorts of confidence. I didn’t see the final, but I watched some of the SF action and both Del Potro and Berdych seemed to be on their way to a title. But having seen how Del Potro has won like 28 of the last 30 matches, this should have been a straight forward win. Berdych is the guy who got 6 games in the first round against Querrey in USO. Big serving Berdych took out Roddick in a match he was down 2-5 in the third.

I’ve always enjoyed the way Berdych hits flat shots almost every single time and pushes from baseline. Why he isn’t more consistent with the results, I don’t know. He might have the talent but not too much variation…. Really can’t tell. Good to see him up and running even though there will be no room for him in Shanghai.

The battle is in reality between Ferrer, Blake and Del Potro I think. These three will have to do some serious point hunting these last tournaments. Two Masters will be key. I think Ferrer has enough to defend and will struggle against Blake and Del Potro. Wawrinka, Gonzalez, Simon and Tsonga are kinda far away, but Masters can turn that around. A QF or SF will give enough points to turn it upside down.

Fed, Rafa, Djoko, and Murray are the ones with a ticket. Davydenko just needs to win some matches in Moscow, but he should be good right now. Roddick has a gap to the Russian, but he seems to be more consistent now and with a good performance in the two masters, he should qualify. Ferrer is not that far awau either, but has no results to show since clay and Blake and Del Potro are probably going to close the gap.  What about Berdych? He’s 19th and probably like 200 points away. That’s too much. If pulls a Nalby finish then maybe yes, but we might not see him again this year.


2 Responses to “Berdych is back!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I agree it’s really cool to see Berdych playing well again. I think part of the issue with his inconsistency is that he has such little margin for error on his shots that it requires incredible mental stamina for him to win on a consistent basis.

    I agree about Blake and Del Potro for the final two spots in the race, though Ferrer has shown in the past that he has some versatility and he has a little bit of a lead over the other two.

  2. Betsy Says:

    1/8 ATOM Italy slovenjia U music balls …. second service 164 Alfa romeo

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