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Why can’t I make the pro tour?!

October 26, 2007

How many times have you watched a tennis match and said..”even I would make a better shot”
Or how many times have you been really dissapointed with the level of the players?
I found a couple of 10min clips on Youtube proving why not anyone is the best in this sport.

Personally I love the long rallies regardless of how sweet shots we see in them. It’s a greater performance than one great shot. Enjoy!


Gotta love this youtube….

October 2, 2007

Youtube is filled with tennis. Yes, a lot is removed before it even gets attention, but there’s still plenty to show. There are other video sited on the net and you could dig deep into the history by doing a little search. Just to direct attention to a site I check frequently at
I found a video of the ONE (1) match Roddick actually defeated Federer. Just a reminder that Federer was not #1.