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Ferrer & Gasquet in Tokyo final

October 6, 2007

Two players who seem to aim high this fall. Ferrer will most likely make Shanghai, and Gasquet needs to do some serious damage in Madrid and Paris. I think he can make it, but he needs to get some help from the guys in front of him. Blake, Gonzalez and a few more have to mess up a little bit and clear the way for the great Richard. I don’t think he’s good enough to win Madrid or Paris, nor do I think he’ll make SF, but hey… if this guy is back he could do it!


No surprises in Tokyo and Mets

October 5, 2007

Ferrer and Karlovic will clash in SF of Tokyo. Both players have had a good year and will battle it out tomorrow. Ferrer is a very good returner, so I don’t think Karlovic is a favorite at all. Ferrer is getting closer to Shaghai every minute he spends on court. On the other side, Gasquet has beaten Sela and is in the SF. Berdych/Verdasco is still running, but Berdych is a break up in the 3rd. I think we’ll see Ferrer against Berdych in the final. Although Gasquet vs. Berdych will be close I think.

In France the first QF is in progress. Andreev against Mahut. 1 all right now. Third set will be close it seems. There are some real interesting matches ahead. A shame there’s no place to watch them! Tsonga v. Murray, Robredo v. Grosjean, Korolev v. Canas
Maybe we will see Tsonga in his first ATP final? Grosjean winning @ home. Canas returning on the hard stuff? Korolev with a little breakthrough? I don’t know here. Open, open, open!