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Shanghai roster almost ready

November 3, 2007

Gasquet beat Murray and moved to the sweet #8 spot which will give him access to China.
Nalbandian is out as he needs 60+ points, and he can only get 55 more.
Baghdatis is still in, but he needs to win the tournament while Gasquet must lose against Nalbandian. Statistically and realistically Gasquet seems to be the 8th in this year’s race.

But… there has to be played at least one more match to get it decided.


Silly season

October 25, 2007

Different meanings in different sports, but I think October describes it well. Why top seeds and key players who need points to get to Shanghai don’t perform? Really don’t understand…

Perhaps those who spent the first 8 months to relax have started to take advantage of tired higher ranked players… or is it this incredible depth in the ATP?

Ferrer is out, Robredo (2nd seed) is out, Roddick is out, Haas had stomach problems?… I don’t know if I have a valid point, but this time of season looks more shaky than any other.
And I cannot predict Roddick (top seed) as winner of Lyon when he gets beaten by a 35 year old local in 3 sets. Either impressive by Santoro or so much more dissapointing by Roddick. Not that Santoro isn’t a good player; he really is, but somehow people excpect Roddick to win most 1st rounds he plays.

No other upsets so in the other two tournaments I think my picks still go. For Lyon I want to say Gasquet. But first he has to overcome Tsonga… if Tsonga wins that one, he can go all the way. I don’t know, and I don’t feel like predicting cuz I’ll mess it up anyways.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for Paris, Shanghai and the 2009 ATP calendar.

James Blake’s Stockholm perfection

October 10, 2007

He is now 11-0 in this tournament and ready to go and make it 15-0. 11-0 means he won it last year and the year before + his first round this year. He is one of the guys who fight for the last few spots for Shanghai. With a win here, he is a definite candidate.