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Kuerten has lost it

April 22, 2008

When you get 1-6, 2-6 against Ljubicic on clay, you really cannot hope to do very good in Roland Garros. The difference was Ljbubicic had firepower and weapons, while Kuerten couldn’t do much. Shame, but when you have your mind and one foot in the retired business, you have pretty much lost it.

Murray got through Lopez in 2, which didn’t sound easy, but Lopez might be one spaniard who probably doesn’t favor a clay court over a faster harder one. I think Volandri will pose a greater threat to Murray in the next round. Kohlschreiber took out Acasuso, Tipsy downed Mathieu in 3, Ancic set up Nadal clash, and Ferrero got Llodra after being in trouble with poor tennis for 1 set.

Some of Tuesday’s hightlights include:

Safin-Malisse (two great talents in the waste bin?)
…. and that’s it.. I think Murray will take Volandri, but it might be close.
Nadal and Federererer will hit the dirt tomorrow.


A breakdown…

April 19, 2008

All right, draw is out for Monte-Carlo and just to give som credit to the Americans… they did send Querrey as the one and only from the 50 states. Roger Federer will have a tough task, not only because he needed 3 sets to take down a German outside top 100, but also because he has his good friend Nalby in his quarter. If Nalby gets to the QF, he will be a threat, but it’s not completely out of the question he will lose 1st (2nd) round against Haas. And once again Fed+Djokovic=Semifinal. This will be a do or die for Fed. He just has to get it done if he wants that RG trohpy.

On this same half, I should mention that the (retired) Kuerten will play Ljubicic in 1st and get Djoko in 2nd. Who knows what Guga can do to the kiddo from Serbia?

Lower half is filled with clay lovers. Nadal has Ancic in his first match (or qualifier) and the first immediate threat I can see is Ferrer in a QF. Youzhny and Davydenko are the two other players battling for the last QF. But names like Andreev, Almagro, Monaco, Acasuso and Chela in that same quarter makes the cut more interesting. I think Fed-Nadal final might be realistic, but Federer will have to really get a monkey off his back and beat Nalby on clay.

Fed is 2-1 against Nalby on clay, and the last two went to Federer. However, both were close and could go either way. But the bigger BUT, is Nalbandian has won the last two. Cannot hurt his confidence!

I think that Federer will have to prove that his new coach and this warm-up tournament in Estoril was a good choice. We cannot weigh Fed’s performance too much in Estoril. He has this incredible ability to play average against poor players and outstanding against outstanding players. I’m sure he needs to beat Nalby though, to even believe it’s possible to take out Nadal and take that RG title.