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Davis Cup final draw

November 30, 2007

The Russians have decided to exclude Davydenko from the singles matches, which I was sure they would. Davydenko has 0-11 against Roddick and Blake. So h2h-wise it was probably the right thing to do. In addition we know that Youzhny’s and Turnunov’s play is more effective on faster courts and it was probably the right thing to do.

Roddick and Blake have not played Youzhny and Tursunov a lot, and total h2h count between these four is 5-3 for the Americans. Roddick has had a few close matches with Youzhny, but has won the last 3. He also got that marathon clay-inferno last year where Tursunov took the decider at 17-15!! Don’t think it will happen in Portland.

Doubles? Well….. Bryan/Bryan is the world’s best doubles team. Andreev/Dayvdenko is NOT the best doubles team. The Bryans simply cannot lose this match.

Here is the final schedule:

Roddick v Tursunov
Blake v Youzhny

Bryan/Bryan v Andreev/Davydenko

Roddick v Youzhny
Blake v Tursunov

Who will win today?
Roddick gave Tursunov some of his Wimbledon-prep play at Queen’s club this year, taking the SF in straight sets. I see something like that happening again. Best of five can be in Tursunov’s favor but only if he plays well. Where has he been the last few months? Well last week he made the final of a challanger in Ukraine and lost in straight sets to world # 102! Last good performance was his title in Bangkok in September and Indianapolis this summer.
Roddick doesn’t lose too many DC matches on fast surface and he is so close to achieving one of his top goals in his career he can smell it already. Roddick takes it in 3

Blake has had the same type of form as Tursunov. Last good performance was Stockholm and then back in the US opens series period. Youzhny has had a few good performances, but not good enough to stick around and fight for 10th spot anymore. QF in Paris, SF in St.Petersburg are the only ones where he played ok. I think it’s more open than the first one, but Blake is better at closing up sets once he’s on a roll. Might be a match with several breaks each set or a close one with tie-breakers and excellent play. Lets hope for the latter. I think Blake will win, mostly because I doubt Youzhny will handle the pressure IF Roddick wins the first match.


Davis Cup prep

November 28, 2007

Davis Cup final is right around the corner and there are a few facts that don’t make a lot of sense. You would think the country with the best players (on an objective average) would be the best. Russia and the US have had the best players (on average), perhaps with Spain, the last 20+ years. Russia has 4 finals and 2 vicotries since 86. USA has 6 finals 3 victories, but only 3 finals and 1 victory since 95. My point is that Davis Cup seems a lot more unpredictable than ATP singles and doubles. In 2005 the final was Croatia d. Slovakia. It’s been a while since two so non-dominant singles and doubles players have gone so far in DC.
No compaining… That’s actually the beauty of it. But this year we have #1 and defending champion Russia against #2 and quite the favorite US of A.

Past DC champs:
2006: Russia d. Argentina
2005: Croatia d. Slovakia
2004: Spain d. USA
2003: Australia d. Spain
2002: Russia d. France
2001: France d. Australia
2000: Spain d. Australia
1999: Australia d. France
1998: Sweden d. Italy
1997: Sweden d. USA
1996: France d. Sweden
1995: USA d. Russia (Time for a sweet-tasting revenge in 2007?)

One thing to note is that USA and Russia have been in a few finals these years, but none have been able to do it several times in a row. We see that Sweden hit the final 3 times a row 96-98
Australia did the same in 99-01.

But the fact that not one DC team since 1995 (before Sampras’ reached his top) has won the damn cup is a big, big, big dissapointment. If the Americans don’t make it this year either, IN PORTLAND, I think they will be so down they all retire. Especially Roddick. Poor bastard must get a victory-feel after being bullied around the court by Feddy and Ferry.
Prediction: USA d. Russia 4-1

Shhh.. A genius at work

November 18, 2007


Federer d. Ferrer   6-2, 6-3, 6-2
The world has run out of superlatives in their description of Federer and his game. Magnificent from the 1st touch of the ball to the phenomenal match point passing shot. Genius is the word that has been placed on the posters around the stadium in Shanghai and a word that has been used quite a few times by the ATP commentators throughout this season. Perfection is a word used rarely and I don’t want to even be close to claiming that Federer is a perfect tennis player. HOWEVER, if approaching perfection is allowed then Federer’s name would stick to it all the time. His shots were outstanding today, as yesterday and on friday. People have been questioning if Federer is heading down after the “close-to-perfection” year 2006. Even if he has more losses and fewer titles this year, his game has not suffered any downs. I think he competition has strengthened and have started to figure him out. That is only when he plays like he did in his first two matches in Shanhai. The last three he was the best and not one player would beat him at that level of play.

He’s now closing up on a record year-end championships titles as well. This year he tied Nastase for a 4th title and looking to take on Sampras’ 5 in 08.
And for Ferrer… I hope that this marked the breakthrough he needed to stay within top 5 and be a full-time favorite to win Grand Slams and Masters. Runner-up was acutally optimal for him all things considered in this Federer-era.

The only event remaining before we enter 2008 is the Cold War final between the Russians and the Americans in Portland, Oregon. May the best team win, and may it be USA…

AMS Paris Final

November 4, 2007

Nalbandian – Nadal
Two sweaty Spanish-speaking players are going to battle for the title in Paris. Nadal showed some good form before the Cup, but why he started to play well late in the second set, I didn’t understand. Nalbandian has to keep hitting deep groundstrokes on both sides and very between corners and hard hits on center. Seems like a plan to bother Nadal.
Nadal started playing like himself late against Baghdatis, by running down all shots and playing his super effective defense play. I think that might work today against a similar player to Baghdatis and therefore he should take his 2nd HC Masters title for the year.
Nalbandian can also take his 2nd Masters title, but he will have done it in a couple of weeks.

Nalbandian has everything to fight for as the Shanghai list always has some level of uncertainty to it and the 9th place is golden for him if someone pulls out. seems to belive that Roddick might to it to prepare and keep injury-free before the more important Davis Cup final in December. I still think Nadal will take it…but it can be close and entertaining.