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Roger Federer 1st up

June 22, 2008

The schedule for tomorrow’s matches will be from Roger’s half of the draw, including Novak and Lleyton, Nalby, Baggy and more…

Most people will probably watch the center court + court 1 action, but there are several great matches on the smaller courts. Here are the ones I would prefer watching:

Kohlschreiber – Verdasco
Kohlschreiber just got to the final in Halle (lost to the King), while Verdasco went all the way to the final in Nottingham, taking a set off Karlovic. No doubt that both players are ready for grass and seem to be more consistent than previous years when hitting grass. They’ve met twice, both won by Kohl, but both matches went to a third set. I’ve been asked to predict, but I feel an obligation to tell you that I get like 20% right, so don’t use them for betting.
Kohlshreiber will win in 5 great sets.

Gicquel – Nishikori
Both have done well so far on grass. Giquel lost to Ferrer in the final in Holland (I’ve given up trying to type the name of the location), Nishikori gave Nadal a light headache in Queen’s. And we remember him from earlier beating Blake and other big names. Fun to watch, and could be heading for a Federer clash.
Nishikori in 4.

Baghdatis – Darcis
Baghdatis has struggled a lot all year. He hasn’t been able to do anything special. Only two reasons he’s still at #25. 1 is QF in Wimbledon last year, 2 is SF in AMS Paris. Darcis is one of the (young) guns, actually older than Baggy, who has climbed from 485 in 2007 to a career high of 46 in March 08. He’s clearly heading up, Baggy is sort of going down. But we know how good Baggy plays on grass, and we’ve seen a lot of good stuff from Darcis this year (not A LOT, but winning Memphis is a big achievement). I believe it will be a tight battle and good baseline rallies.
Baghdatis in 4

Hewitt – Haase
Hewitt hasn’t performed to his full potential this year and hasn’t proven to be consistent enough to get himself back inside top 20, or maybe 10. Haase is like Darcis, going up. Hasn’t proven anything that should scare Hewitt, but could give him some trouble. I’ve seen Haase playing with Safin, and beating him in 3 sets back in Valencia; he was able to beat Murray in Rotterdam in straight sets AND took out Ljubicic in the first round of AO. Maybe not the favorite going into the match, but no joke.
Hewitt in 3

Federer – Hrbaty
Okay, this is interesting. Federer has a relatively bad record against this guy. Lost in 2000, when Hrbaty was much higher ranked, but also beat him in 2004 at Cincy. I cannot see Federer losing tomorrow, but can we get an early mid-term exam from Hrbaty? Why not?! Well… because he has a horrible 2-3 record this year, playing more on the Challenger tour and doing some doubles as well. Ranked 272 and really not going up anytime soon. I can only assume that Federer will play badly to lose a set tomorrow, but what do I know?!
Federer in 3


Now THAT is Tennis, round 2!

January 19, 2008

I can only imagine how close Federer fans were to strokes and dehydration from excessive sweating today. Not a lot of people were excpecting Tipsarevic to take any set off Federer. I enjoyed every rally, every point, every Tipsy winner, everything about it really. I am not a Federer hater, nor a fan, but there was something telling me that, “how great would it be to have Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Djokovic taken out in the third or 4th round and let give other players a break?” At 2-1 Tipsarevic I actually thought it would happen. Federer seems to handle pressure, but throughout the match as he saw that Tipsy would not give him an easy match, Federer was frustrated enough to make too many errors. That’s how Canas beat him, Volandri to some extent + Nadal several times.

But finally, some competition! Aussie Open 08 would have gone into the history books as one of the most boring and predictable without these thriller third round 5 setters. This actually makes it more probable that we will see some more. Hewitt and Baggy are hitting central court right now, and that too has 5 tight sets written all over it.

Anyway. So far Federer seems still to be heading for his 3rd cons. aussie title. I cannot see Berdych doing the same damage to Federer. Two resting days should be plenty for Rogerer. I think Andy fans are happy for the Roger-win as well. I could easily imagine Roddick killing himself if Federer was defeated today! Oh well, something tells me Nadal is inspired as this point. YES, YES, YES, NOW THAT GOOD OLD GRAND SLAM FUN STARTS!

What the hell happened to Baghdatis?!

January 1, 2008

Baggy did not pass the 1st round after losing quite easily 6-3, 6-4 against Robin Haase in Chennai. Is Baghdatis’ play aging this fast? It seems like he’s not able to play his best game anymore, like he did in the AO in 06. There were quite a few results in 2007 which I just didn’t understand. He isn’t injured; ¬†he seems to have lost a little weight, right?! If anyone saw the match, speak out.

AMS Paris Final

November 4, 2007

Nalbandian – Nadal
Two sweaty Spanish-speaking players are going to battle for the title in Paris. Nadal showed some good form before the Cup, but why he started to play well late in the second set, I didn’t understand. Nalbandian has to keep hitting deep groundstrokes on both sides and very between corners and hard hits on center. Seems like a plan to bother Nadal.
Nadal started playing like himself late against Baghdatis, by running down all shots and playing his super effective defense play. I think that might work today against a similar player to Baghdatis and therefore he should take his 2nd HC Masters title for the year.
Nalbandian can also take his 2nd Masters title, but he will have done it in a couple of weeks.

Nalbandian has everything to fight for as the Shanghai list always has some level of uncertainty to it and the 9th place is golden for him if someone pulls out. seems to belive that Roddick might to it to prepare and keep injury-free before the more important Davis Cup final in December. I still think Nadal will take it…but it can be close and entertaining.

Baghdatis gave Gasquet Shanghai spot

November 3, 2007

What a shame! He was up a break in the second and one set up. Now Gasquet might be slightly less motivated in the match starting soon, and a tough Nalbandian (recent double Federer beater) will be on his toes on every shot.

I think the spot is deserved for Gasquet, as I doubt Baghdatis would make a good performance in the Cup. Gasquet should though, try to get the most out of this match and a potential final against Nadal tomorrow. It will boost his confidence quite a chunk.

Action from Europe + French dominance in Lyon

October 26, 2007

The three tournaments have a sum of 12 semifinalists, great players all of them I might add.

In St. Petersburg Verdasco won in 2 against Starace, while Cilic took out Gulbis; two guys with a bright future in tennis. Cilic will no have to face the somewhat more experienced Verdasco.
Youzhny brought a stop to the “German crisis” he had going. Won the first 6-4, when Kohlschreiber retired due to illness. He will meet Murray in the sermi who beat Tursunov in 3 tight sets. Tursunov had a great match and was “only” a tie-break away from a SF. Murray handled the pressure better and won the breaker and took the match.

In Basel Federer won. Had to deal with Kiefer once again, and won against all odds!
Then a match I didn’t see but I would call a serve-mania anyway. Karlovic-Berdych had to be close to 100 aces in total, right? No, but 38 for Karlovic and 14 for Berdych does tell me that it was a serve fest after all. Not very viewer friendly I assume, but after two very predicted tie-breaks came an even more predicted 3rd set tie-break. Let’s just say that both players had some match points and that Karlovic won coincidentally at 15-13. JEEEZ!!
SF: Federer – Karlovic (can Karlovic do it this time?!)

In the other semi we’ll be pleased to see the old Baghdatis back and meeting Gonzo (I thought), NO! Jarkko Nieminen. Nieminen seems to have found his place in Basel and will give Baggy a good fight I think.

In Lyon there is not one top player left. Forgot to express my great enthusiasm for Tsonga who beat France’s #1 Gasquet. Tsonga will now have to face another great Frenchman; Grosjean. In the other SF there’s Falla who took out Ljubicic in 3 and the third (out of 4) French Giquel. France is back!

I want to let Murray take the Russian title, Baghdatis in Basel, and Tsonga in France. Key word: want