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Results Tuesday

October 16, 2007

No BIG surprises on day 2.
Federer just got through his first match, defeating Ginepri 7-6, 6-4. Ginepri played some good tennis, but Federer led the way on the important points… same old story.
Have to say that Ginepri deserved a little more, especially after playing so well at times during the 1st set. He was also at break point at 4-3 in the second I think, could have made it 4-all. But, hey… it’s Federer. An ace here, a ridiculous drop shot there, and no problem.

Nalbandian beat Clement in three. The old Nalbandian would have done it quicker, but perhaps he can make it this time around. Have to remember he was in the SF in Shanghai last year. Solid player, but lately I don’t know what’s up…

Karlovic served his way past a very uninspired Safin. But, sometimes I don’t understand how anyone can return that serve. How high does he get when he streches his arm way up there? 10ft? It’s a smash, and it’s almost unfair! ALMOST!

I said watch out for Tursunov. Well… don’t. He’s out. Lost to qualifier Calleri in three. I place him in the Safin category. Great potential, no consistency.

Tomorrow, Gonzalez hits the court, as does Canas. Then comes Ferrer, Berdych vs. Nalbandian!, Gasquet, Blake, Djokovic and many many more!
I will watch THE match. Nadal-Baghdatis. Cannot go wrong. Nadal is 3-0, but you never know when it comes to Marcos, do you?

Oh!! Forgot to update on the ball girls (women) today! They’ve replaced the pink top with a more conservative baby blue… nice touch! A little concerned on whether they get to eat or not. Some of them are too skinny to be running around chasing balls.
ballĀ girls


Why the models?!

October 15, 2007

Just watched the end of Baghdatis-Pavel, and realized that once again…. there are the ball girl models. There are probably a lot of players who have a relationship, but there are still more who are single! Must be a distraction in any case! Get them out! They can’t run or catch the damn ball either!
ballĀ girls
Not only do they look like this, but this year they come in pink!
As a viewer…. I don’t mind too much