Master(s) Murray

Murray won his 2nd masters this fall and has definitely closed up on the BIG 3. Perhaps after Paris and TMC he will consistently be a part of the BIG 4. He has played a great tournament again, and this reminds me a lot of US Open. That was his first slam final and was playing less impressive than SF and earlier rounds. This time, he took his revenge in the semis and met Simon who probably is the next top 10 player. Well… it’s pretty official actually. Tomorrow he is #10.

Simon beat Nadal in what was probably one of the best matches of this season, entertainment-wise, and stood out in terms of him being able to outsmart Nadal with fairly simple play. Simon is what I like to call a “human” tennis player. Federer, Nadal and even Djokovic goes under, inhuman, ET, robot, crazytown categories. Murray, Simon, Blake, Roddick, Ferrer are all players with simple, but effective tennis.

I just wondered if his job would have been easier if he had a bigger serve. He seemed to be using his serve to his advantage surprinsgly often. Nadal has beaten Karlovic and Roddick enough to prove the point, that you have to outsmart him rather than try to ace. I guess Simon could be the dark horse to deny Del Potro or even Ferrer a spot in Shanghai. If he goes far in Paris, it’s a very likely outcome.

So could we get another Murray-Simon final in Paris? When you’re this good and in-form, sure why not?

Until then there’s Basel, Lyon and St Petersburg.


5 Responses to “Master(s) Murray”

  1. Krystle Says:

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    Personally I wouldn’t group together all of Murray, Simon, Blake, Roddick and Ferrer as simple, but effective tennis players. Blake and Ferrer are good examples of players that really stick to their strengths. Murray has a lot of variety, and some of his shotmaking on the dead run is exceptional, almost inhuman I would say.

  2. Michael Tim Says:

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  3. French Open tennis fan Says:

    Murray will win a major this season – mark my words!!

    Ok, seriously i doubt he will, but he has a really good chance, and is a class above the players Kryslte compares him to. He’s better than Djok now, for sure!

  4. carmel Says:

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