Madrid update

Yesterday was like an introduction day for the Madrid Masters. No top players, not very interesting matches. Gulbis outpowered Kiefer to secure his Nadal clash. That will probably be today’s highlight.
I think that Gulbis definitely should be remembered as being the only guy besides Federer to take a set of the Wimbledon champ.

Gulbis needs to start beating top 10-20 players if he wants to gain enough momentum similar to for example Del Potro. I thought these guys could be compared in terms of potential and talent, but one is close to a master cup appearance and one is still struggling to stay in top 50.

Murray will also start his campaign today against Boelli. I think he should be moving towards a QF with a good pace.

Remember the name. Berdych seems to be a lot like Nalbandian. When he hears “it’s indoor season”, he starts working on his tennis. Yesterday he destroyed Schuettler 1 and 2 and has none other than Nalbandian to worry about next. Can you imagine this. If Berdych was on the other side, would he be able to make the final against Nalbandian. Are the two potentially best players @ the moment meeting in 2nd round?! I don’t think so, but I definitely think he could beat Nalbandian.

Enjoy it this year, because we will probably never see indoor tennis from Madrid again.


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  1. Tennis Equipment Says:

    Since the ladies of the Masters Madrid are back for yet another display of bouncin’ and ball-retrievin’ I have a question. Are they going to train them to actually understand on how to properly get the balls this year. Last year their were a few embarrassing moments where the players had to help them.

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