Road ahead for top 10

1. Rafael Nadal
Rafa has reached the very high 7000 point mark. We were pretty impressed when Federer reached that a few years back. Question is how long he can hold on that high. It’s like 99% probable that he will keep it through this year as he has few points to defend compared to Fed and others. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pass 7200 this season, mainly because he still can get to a masters final and add quite some points. First up is DC semis. This could go wrong for him personally. I don’t think returning to the demanding clay is the very best for a player who might pass 100 wins in one season. However, he does seem like he’s an iron man so why not?

2. Roger Federer
Unlike Nadal, Federer has a lot of points to defend. A big win in Basel and a final in Madrid and the masters cup. But with his recent success, he might just be crawling back towards Nadal and at least head over 6000 points and maybe close the gap before Aussie Open. I don’t think he will ever dominate like he used to, but a scenario where he could go undefeated for the rest of the season is not that crazy.

3. Novak Djokovic
You just never know with Novak. He should be tired. He might be, but ususally seems fine. The only major disapointment last year was the masters cup. If he has enough energy this year, he should be able to fight for that one. He has only 5 points to defend in Paris and a semi in Madrid. But he does have a good win in Vienna too. I think he will play the 3 big one’s remaining and that’s it. Who knows if the 16 injuries will come back…

4. Andy Murray
Who knew that Murray would be 4th at this point? He didn’t do too well last fall and has the chance to close the gap to the big 3 even further. He will also gain some more at the masters cup, which he has now qualified for. Don’t be surprised to see Murray closing up on Novak towards the end of the season, if he continues to play well.

5. David Ferrer
?????????? Who the hell knows if he can outplay the very best or if he belongs outside of top 20? He has so many points to defend this fall that I think he might drop out of top 10. He and Nalby were on fire last fall, but both are non-existent right now. First up is DC and then we’ll see if old Ferrer is back. He seems to enjoy indoor.

6. Nikolay Davydenko
Has also quite some points to defend. Even with a masters title, he seems to be far from any Masters Cup play if he doesn’t step it up. There are other players who seem a lot closer to that 8th place than him. I haven’t seen him in action since RG i guess so I really cannot tell on what level he can perform right now.

7. David Nalbandian
Bye bye Nalby! He will not defend 1000 points this fall! Worst case scenario is to drop out of top 30. He shouldn’t, but could. I don’t know how he can dominate Federer twice in 1 month (all of the big 3 actually) and then dissapear. Poor guy.

8. Andy Roddick
Roddick had an opportunity to improve his 6th position from end of last season with some decent tennis all season long. He played little last year and so could slowly fly up to 4th. One more season with injuries and you don’t know with him either. DC is first, which most likely will be loss. Then he has nothing to defend until masters cup (if he gets there). He should be able to overtake the two clowns ahead though.

9. Fernando Gonzalez
His best masters results is from Madrid. QF. So he has something to defend, but I don’t think he will make the cut for Shanghai. He doesn’t win enough matches in a row anymore and hasn’t got the stability.

10. Wawrinka
Is living on think ice. The final in Rome is what brought him up here, but apart from that he has performed like any other top 20 player. I don’t see him impressing anyone in the two remaining masters events. But I could be WRONG.


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