He’s baaaaaaack!

Federer is back to his good old self. Started the tournament with easy wins, not displaying the best play there is, but pulling through in straight sets. Andreev was a weird match for me, but the Russian did play very well for quite some time during that match. Against Djokovic Federer became more agressive and started to go for his shots at the big points. It gave him 3 very good sets. Against Murray, I think the level of agression was increased even further, and the result was a one-sided dominance where Fed pushed Murray on every single opportunity, on serve or return, and came out victorious more often than not. Scoreline was impressive, his forehand was genius and net play strikingly precise. He raised his game a lot from one match to the next and seems to have found the hard court form.

I liked the fact that he doesn’t rule out mono being one possible explanation for a slower Federer with less coordination and precision. He has said that it hasn’t been a factor since Dubai and that he was 100% for almost the entire spring season. Knowing that mono can mess you up badly, I like that he dares to throw that out in ways to explain his lower level during the hard court seasons in March and August. I know people who experienced mono and couldn’t exercise for months. I guess he had a milder case, but a top athlete needs to be 100% to work on that level. You can see how big the gap is from Rafa-Fed to Hewitt, Safin and the other guys with earlier success.

The question is now, will he start his fall by winning most of the events? He mentioned his tight schedule to the press and it seems that he’s more than willing to play almost every week now. I think the two indoor masters are definitely something he would want to grab, now that Nalby seems out of his place again. Djokovic and Nadal might just be too tired by that time.

For now, Bucharest and Davis Cup will dominate tennis fot the next couple of weeks and there are surprisingly many hitting the dirt again in Bucharest. I will be looking forward to the blockbuster SFs of DC.


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