Federer or Murray?

History will once again be written either way. Federer will with 5 straight titles go in as one of the all time winners here, Murray will bring Britain back on the tennis map.

I think I will be rooting for Federer, just because he doesn’t deserve to fall on his ass quite yet, but on the other hand, I love seeing underdogs winning more. If Murray can blend in with the Big 3, why not? From where I’m standing (sitting), Murray has a very good shot at this slam. 2-1 h2h and pretty loaded with confidence, he might just start off briliantly and give Federer a hard time. The way he played towards the end last night, was just too good for any opponent. A lot of people say that last set was probably the highlight of the Open tennis-wise so far and could very well be right. The only question is if Murray can handle the pressure for 3(5) more sets. That would be the only thing that could limit his chances. A good start from the FedXpress and he could go on and on. Murray’s game seems to be in order, now if he could just remain calm and do his work like yesterday, this could be a huge opportunity for him.

Federer on the other hand, has seemed to raise his game when needed and could be the best player out there as of today. There’s no sign of weekness going in. Even not that general talk that he looked only OK during the first few matches. That’s Federer! For 2005 and 2006 seasons, he won A LOT! But A LOT of those wins came with some mediocre or bad play. Playing the important points GREAT is usually key to these types of victories and Federer knows how to win. Do I have to say, AGAIN, that he has NOT lost a hard court slam final? I think he will take this one too, in 3, 4 or 5 sets. Doesn’t matter. Maybe a 60-40 edge to the RFed.


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