Rain stops Murray, but not Roger

The 4 time US champ Roger Federer advanced to his 5 straight US Open final after an unforgettable show on Ashe just before the angry Hanna started the downpours over the Big Apple. Federer was predicted the winner by most “experts”, including me, but hadn’t convinced anyone that he was the man to beat at the Open so far. Federer and Novak seemed slightly more tired than at the last year’s final, making some silly errors, but all things considered, Beijing, jet lag and so on, it seems like they really gave everything out there. Federer was just that second faster both in legs and in mind when it came to those few vital points. Djokovic was very close to taking the 3rd set, but didn’t really have a momentum build-up which could carry him towards a win. Federer was best throughout the match.

He should be given a  general advantage over whoever wins TODAY, Murray or Nadal. Murray has the match in his hand right about now, but there’s something telling me that Nadal won’t be stopped if he gets the first set. He’s known for being a slow starter sometimes, but this might just go to Murray’s advantage on that note. Even so, Nadal got plenty of rain delay practise last year, so he has the experience. Federer expressed, being modestly reserved about it, that he would like to meet Nadal in the final. No wonder there!

So as Hanna still leaves New Yorkers wet, the ladies final will be played tonight and the men’s final tomorrow afternoon local time. Are we in for another blockbuster final or is Federer still the best on hard? Remember this…. Federer has never, ever, lost a Grand Slam final on hard court. Period. If Nadal takes this one, or even Murray (who still is a lot closer), then this might go in as the biggest avhievemnt any player has done over a Spring-Summer-Fall season (not so bad in Winter either). But before that, Rafa has a major task ahead, take 3 sets against Murray in not too long a time. If it goes long, the sorry winner will most likely suffer tomorrow.


One Response to “Rain stops Murray, but not Roger”

  1. Tim Says:

    Did you see that sick overhead shot? Phenomenal play!

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