Good Job Murray!

Why play 5 sets when you can play 4? That’s pretty much what I got out of the tiny hour they were out there today. Reaching his first slam final is a good deal at age 21, but he has a long road ahead to this first win. I am sure he might be looking good on the hard stuff right now, but so does Federer. They met in Dubai, where Murray took him out in 3 set battle, not with the best tennis, but any win over Federer is a good win.

It must be a great feeling for Murray, who probably knew he had what it took, but was always that match or two away from anything big. Now he’s got the chance and it’s no safe bet to believe Roger will take this one easily. For some reason Murray has given Federer a hard time twice, while Fed beat Murray only once back in late 05. Murray was like 18. I assume he’s better now. Did you do the math? YES, Murray is up 2-1 h2h and could possibly go in as a little favorite (for UK and Scotland).

I don’t know…. a more fresh and sober analysis tomorrow. Initial gut feeling is that Murray needs this to be one of the big 4. Otherwise, he could go in as a one slam final wonder category.


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