New York, New York, Good Old York?

There are three players who just don’t seem to fall off the road of consistency. Federer reached his 18 straight GS semis, Djokovic follows with a decent run filled with drama, Nadal hits the 2nd weekend of the open for the first time, and maybe we’ll see more of Murray? The awkward 1st round loss in the Olympics doesn’t prove that, but at least he should be the fittest of the three. Maybe, OH just maybe he has a good shot at not only giving Nadal a spanking but also, the winner of Djoker-Feddy.

I didn’t see much of Djokovic-Roddick, but I believe it was like Roddick’s “momentum” shifted entirely over to Djokovic, who seemed to have a solid control in Roddick’s serve. Roddick looked like the tired one, even with his inability to stay calm for a second. The whole drama at the end is nothing more than a culture clash. Djokovic made just a innocent comment to an innocent attack. Roddick was joking and THE djoker himself was probably trying to be funny while riding on the I-just-beat-your-guy-high.

Federer looks a lot worse than maybe a year ago, but you have to remember that even in his almost perfect years of 05 and 06, he won a lot of matches playing pretty badly. I used to beat the 100+ guys with many errors and no “Shh. Quiet. Genius at work.” signs. He’s still doing that now and might just tear Djokovic apart tomorrow.

So it all comes down to staying cool, which both have been good at lately, staying in the match and not worrying about the 20000+ people around you, experience of Nadal vs the recent beating Murray gave Nadal. I’d give Nadal a slight advantage due to the event. Had it been another Cincy SF, Murray would cope. I think tomorrow it could go long and therefore Nadal would hold on better. Nadal in 4?

Now Federer turned out to have a fairly easy draw. I don’t know if he got enough tests before this one. Lord knows Djokovic got a handful. The way Djokovic eased past Roddick might have been a great boost. Federer will have to bring out the Genius to win this one, but even if they both play on a lower level than expected Federer should be the favorite. Get ready for yet another Fed-Rafa final, people! Federer in 3!


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