Who’s the strongest, fittest, most likely winner?

I was stunned to see Nadal completely distroying the Fish after 1st set. Now he looks stronger than ever on any surface and from the looks of it, actually the favorite to win it. I don’t think that Murray will stop him as the stage is a little different than Ciny and Toronto. Nadal has been most consistent of the two and now goes in as a final favorite. Today the other 4 guys are fighting for the two SF spots.

What a match this has the potential to be. They have exchanged wins in straight sets and are now in for their most important encounter so far. Roddick looks more than fresh, Djokovic…. not so much. The guy is getting some unforeseen criticism from fellow players with his supposed 16 injuries or whatever. I think it will come down to how fresh Djokovic looks, because Roddick is not one to tolerate 10 injury time-outs. The speed and “new” agressive Roddick might be too much for the Serb this time. The interesting thing will be to see what mood they’re in, because if Djokovic is back on track then it could go short to his favor. Roddick in 3,4 or 5 or Djokovic in 5.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Muller in action so…. Federer in 3.


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