Last 8 no big upsets

This US Open I was certain that one of the bigger names would go out early. Right now it seems like they all want a piece of the good cake. Nadal has tied his PB at the Open by reaching a QF and securing his #1 spot for a longer time. Murray didn’t choke like he has over the past few years. Del Potro has continued his incredible run and will have to face Murray next. That can be a BIG match. Fish is not a BIG surprise. It was just a matter of deciding if Blake could beat Fish, or if Fish could take down his higher ranked friend. Fish gets an A. Roddick has never been in serious trouble and has reached that crucial QF match against Djokovic, who also has overcome a few tough steps. That will also be a big match where the outcome may not be easy to predict. Roddick won last time in Dubai and might be a slight favorite against the young Serbian. Federer will certainly get a challenge, after having struggled for 5 sets against Andreev, he now faces the big surprise Muller. I dind’t know Luxenburg would be represented in a US Open QF. The road seems easy for Federer, but it might not be.

At this point there’s not telling who will get to the final, but I think another Fed-Rafa final is once again the most likely outcome. Fish could beat Nadal, but has to play like he did back in March. Muller won’ beat Federer, but Roddick or Djokovic might. That’s the only immediate threat I see. Of course, Murray might have a chance of a lifetime, not only to clinch his first Grand Slam SF, but also his first final. And he could go all the way, on a good day.



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