Seeds go on

I just wanted to say how stupid I am that I stopped betting away money on tennis matches. Yesterday I got 15 out of 16 matches right! The only one, which I would never bet on, was Lu-Cipolla, probably the most unknown second round players ever. I would do it again today, but today’s matches seem just a little closer. Roddick-Gulbis, Robredo-Safin, Ginepri-Cilic, MOYA-TSONGA!, Hanescu-Tursunov….

But if there’s no big news from Queens, there is definitely some good news from the ATP. People have been complaining about the late arrival of the calendar. To make up, they’ve published the 2009, 2010, and 2011 calendars. It seems that everything is set for the next three seasons. I still doubt this, but as of today there’s no telling if any changes will come. 

The only greater change I see to it is the Shanghai Masters Cup being replaced by London. This means that the Asian season will be in the fall, and then players can return to Europe for Basel, Valencia, Vienna and STAY there, instead of going back to China. Apart from that, it looks very similar to 2008. The 250, 500, and 1000 points are probably a good addition, to make it easier for the public. I’m sure the players don’t care. Davis Cup points is also welcome, giving points to the better Davis Cup players. And I still want some confirmation that Grand Slams are awarded 2000 points. I read somewhere that it is confirmed, but the ATP hasn’t said anything. If some of you know, please SHOUT.

What I miss from this calendar, is an upgrade on the grass. Why should clay go for almost 6 months, while grass stays in inside a month? Clay gets three 1000 series events + two 500s. Grass gets Wimbledon and the regular warm-up tournaments. Is it supposed to be an “exclusive” surface? What the hell? At LEAST give Halle and London 500 status! It’s the only week during the season where pretty much all top players are in action below the regular masters (1000). Come on!! Even Nadal would agree!


3 Responses to “Seeds go on”

  1. TMH Says:

    Hey. There is one more big change. Madrid masters become clay court and it is before Roland Gaross in calendar. Shangai take Madrid’s place as a hard court masters, and final one is in London.
    So, London kicks ass next three seasons: Queens, Wimbledon, Masters Finale. (and also Olympics in 2012).

  2. backhand Says:

    Right. Forgot about Madrid. However, changing it from Hamburg to Madrid didn’t feel like a change at all. But Spain should have a clay masters, not hard court like now. If London gets too much, then give Halle the 500 series!

  3. TMH Says:

    Madrid IS Clay court masters now! 😉

    And i think that will be great to make one masters on grass and put it in week between Queens/Halle and Eastbourne/Ordina Open

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