64 “losers” sent home

And we can finally start round 2 of this grande slamme. Yesterday the headlines were in the women’s departement. I cannot agree more that the WTA tour is at a low point these days. No offense to Serbia who has the two frontrunners, but that seems to be their problem. They’re terrible frontrunners! Ivanovic is struggling, Jankovic is struggling. I had to watch Jankovic play for a set, waiting for somethin’ better, and it was the most boring match so far for me. It looked like an ordinary practise with a few trick shots here and there. It’s way too much baseline safe play. Learn to play the volleys girls! Approach shots! Do SOMETHING!

Which brings me to a guy who has it all. I was sure Clement would make Djokovic’s life a little miserable for a set, or half a set, but no. Djokovic played a solid match, but being very frustrated at times. It looked like he wanted to win all games at love. Angry when missing tough shots, angry when missing easy shots. Don’t get it, Novak!

Then there’s the night match Roddick-Santoro. What a match this was supposed to be… Unfortunately, for viewers, Santoro wasn’t allowed to bring out the magic tricks. He made like 3 or 4 great shots the entire match, which I don’t think laster more than 90 min. Roddick looked solid and has now confirmed that brother John is out and Pat Mac is in. At least for the Open. If there’s a player who doesn’t need more changes than that to get his game together, it’s Roddick. He said it himself at the question; what’s the biggest difference between 2003 and 2008 going into this tournament? “Confidence.” He just need’s to know that he can DO IT! Gulbis will be a lot harder, so don’t be overconfident!

Today Nadal will roll on the tracks against an unknown American (to me) and the rest of the upper half, if I’m not terribly wrong. I don’t see too many highlights for today, but Fish-Mathieu can turn interesting, Llodra-Murray, which I bet we don’t get to see due to WTA, and of course tracking Kei Nishikori. The way I see it he can have an awesome opportunity to take out a big question mark, which is Ferrer. If Kei can beat Blake on hard, then Ferrer shouldn’t be a lot harder. Especially as he had a terrible hard court season. Go KEI!

Here we can see 200 pounds of American beef floating through the Ashe vacuum. Nice Shot Cameraman!


2 Responses to “64 “losers” sent home”

  1. Tim Says:

    American beef? More like American chicken wing or pork chop!

  2. Ollie Says:

    I didn’t feel like critisising you, but how on earth could you say that Roddick doesn’t need more than a change of coach to get better. Jimbo changed his backhand, tactics, and somehow cut his unforced errors. It wasn’t just a change of pace or whatever. The hard truth is still that Roddick needs a lot of changes if he wants to win another slam. One successful match against a 35 year old veteran isn’t a great achievement. If he beats the teen out of Gulbis, then you can start discussing his chances. Djokovic is up in his quarter.

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