Day 2 finito – Day 3 forecast

I thought that all first round matches would be played the first couple of days. We still have some goodies for tonight before the last 64 are ready. Yesterday Federer powered through against the wrong Gonzo. The real Gonzo was a real bitch on a side court. Haas took out a frustrated Gasquet in 5 realtively boring sets. Querrey defeated Berdych, which I didn’t find too surprising, but the commentators definitely did. Safin was able to pass Spadea, but 5 sets seems to be a lot in a first round if he wants to copy the Wimbledon run.

What can we see today? On Ashe, Clement-Djokovic can be a killer match, depending on Clement’s form and mood. Clement is a tricky little bastard and Djokovic can run into trouble if he’s not on top of his game from start. I think we will see Clement take one set, just to make Djokovic’s life more difficult. But don’t worry, Djokovic will win.

Last match tonight is Roddick-Santoro. It’s not the best match, seeing no.8 and 50? battling. But remember last year? I watches only half of Santoro-Blake and I regreted like never before. Santoro always brings the entertainment and brings out the best in his opponent as well. Usually not in form of tennis, but two charismatic players in front of 24,000 people won’t be bad entertainment I think. And because of this fact, being in the US, not in France, I think is key as to why Roddick will win it and not Santoro. Roddick will play more consistent than Blake and hit less errors. Santoro won their last meeting, IN LYON! I think Roddick’s record on US soil is too damn good to lose here. 3 sets to love? Maybe 1 set for Santoro….

Gulbis-Johansson will be another interesting match. Gulbis is the future, Johansson represents the past (sort of). Johansson has a GS in his pocket(s). Gulbis is 19 years old. Do the math. For me this match is very close, depending on Gulbis’ ability to stay focused and do few errors. Last year he made an incredible run, and now the pressure is on him. He actually goes in as favorite here, which I don’t know if he appreciates. I think 5 sets is very likely, and don’t be surprised to see the clever Swede (who just got silver in Beijing) victorious.

Possible upsets: Sela over Davydenko?


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