Day 1

First of all. What a weird match between Blake and Young. 6-1, 3-6, 6-1, 4-6, 6-4. It took Blake 5 sets to wear down the young Donald. Don’t let the score fool you though. 2h 48min isn’t too bad for a 5 set match. But this doesn’t look too promising for Blake if he wants to win 7 matches in a row. He needs to get over the jet lag and start playing his pre-Gonzalez Olympics game. He should do good if he get back to that winning-in-straight-sets-mood. I would say that it was a good experience for Young, but this was a first round so no history is written. Had it been a 4th R or QF then it would be a great performance. Young will have to wait til next year.

Then there’s Bjorn Phau (supposedly pronounced POW!) An interesting fact is that Phau held Nadal on court for 3 hours! That’s an hour a set! Not good for a blistered Nadal-foot and still demanding hard court game. Nadal had to to a lot of running and hard moving on the hard stuff as Phau enjoyed some decent rallying with one of the best baseliners in the world. I’m confident Nadal will get past the next Qualifier as well, but Blake in a QF (if they get there) will be a different story I think. The blisters will get bigger and badder, the knees will cripple and the already mentioned jet lag (he did mention it) won’t do any good if he doesn’t get some shorter matches.

To another happy camper; KEI! Nishikori. He’s baaack! Remember him making the headlines in Delray Beach when he beat Blake in the final taking his first ATP title? That’s the same kid who played around with 29th seed Monaco yesterday. Cramps took the best of him towards the end, but even then he was playing on a higher level than Monaco. I wouldn’t look too much into the scoreline or result quite yet, but I think he has a shot at getting far. Meeting with Ferrer could be interesting.

Today, Federer and others from the bottom half are up.


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