Gettin’ ready!

Qualifiers are ready, we are ready, the players are ready, and finally the final slam of the year.
It doesn’t change my earlier prediction for the last 16, but the qualifiers always seem to be more on top of their game due to some Q matches. It sort of makes them better prepared. So look out!

Nadal – Karlovic
Blake – Monfils
Isner – Del Potro
Youzhny – Murray
Roddick – Gonzalez
Safin – Djokovic
Davydenko – Tipsarevic
Verdasco – Federer

1st rounds to watch: (h2h)
Berdych-Querrey (1-0)
Blake-Young (0-0)
Grosjean-Mathieu (2-1)
Del Potro-Canas (can a fellow Argentine break the LONG Del Potro streak?) (1-0)
Lopez-Melzer (0-1)
Roddick-Santoro (I bet my life savings this will be on Ashe) (2-1)
Gulbis-Johansson (1-0)
Clement-Djokovic (upset?) (1-1!!)
Davydenko-Sela (upset?) (0-0)
HAAS-GASQUET (top 10 quality all the way, watch out for some decent backhands!) (1-1)


2 Responses to “Gettin’ ready!”

  1. Tim Says:

    It’s a shame Young or Blake will go out in the 1st round. Both are good enough to pass some of the players above and below on the drawboard.

  2. rc Says:

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