Historic day

Good job Nadal!

A little fact for you, just to show how much Rafa has deserved to finally top the ranking. He tops it now with 6700 points, but he has struggled since 2005 to believe how far away from Federer he has been over the years. HOWEVER, he really deserves it if we measure his accomplishments compared to the #1 players before the Federer era started. Andy Roddick was the last man standing at #1 before this, with 4535 points. I think this was his peak in the amount of points. Nadal, on the other hand, has been sitting on 4535 points several times during these three years. September 19th 2005, only a couple of months after hitting the #2 spot, he was up at 4475 points, and miles away from #1. He has gone up and down, like any other player, but his rise is remarkably constant considering that his clay season has been almost perfect every year, while a natural drop would occur during hard. The point is that he played poorly on hard in 05, better in 06, even better in 07, and 08 he has already won two Masters on hard + Wimbledon. So from September 2005, he has pretty much deserved to at least be associated with the top spot. Almost three years later, he can finally look at it and say “I’m better than Federer.”



3 Responses to “Historic day”

  1. Tim Says:

    Good points, but Roddick represented a more average number 1. Sampras was never as high as Federer and he is said to be the GOAT. Federer having like 7500+ points is just not normal. Nadal has said it before that under normal circumstances he would have been number 1 for many, many weeks if not years without Federer. 5000 points should be good enough to be the best or close to the best player. 5000 points! That’s a lot!

  2. Arnold Says:

    So true, so true!

  3. vivekwwe Says:

    Rafa is a genuis, how many are able to beat Roger in grass court let alone in clay court. Rafa fully deserve the no.1 ranking for his hardwork and mental belief.

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