Del Potro wins in silence

I bet half of you didn’t know, but Del Potro just won his third straight title! The NINETEEN year old Argentine has really drilled through the last three tournaments, beating bigger and smaller tennis names. Last night he got his biggest win so far. Not only did he beat Roddick, but he did it quite convincingly. 6-1, 7-6 is far better than most had expected. 6-1 against one of the best servers isn’t bad. 7-6 against one of the best tiebreak players isn’t bad either. 19 year old vs soon-to-be 26 years of routine on this level just shows where Del Potro is at today. He beat a top 10 player and entered the top 20. There’s something promising with a skyskraper of 6’6 with a forehand that worked great yesterday. He hit far more winners than Roddick, and was able to move him around like a junior. Roddick did play a bad first set, putting a lot of balls wide and in the net, but second set was well-played from both and Del Potro came out victorious in the deciding tiebreak. Good Job! Now Washington is up, and both of them could face off in another final on Sunday as Del Potro is 2nd seed. I actually think that we’ll see them again on Sunday.

I Beijing they’ve just started playing the first round, and from what I can tell, there are no upsets yet. Nadal beat Starace in 3. Federer def. Tursunov in 2. Murray and Djokovic are still waiting for some available court, and Davydenko secured his 2nd round after defeating Gulbis yesterday. It seems that the heat has left Beijing, so maybe there won’t be too many upsets early. I don’t know if and when the heat returns, but after having watched the beach volley players sweating after 10 seconds, I assume it’s not pleasant in the hot humid conditions. Several players said it’s the worst they’ve experienced. And Cincy, Montreal, Indy are usually all super hot places during the US summer. Well.. if you want the gold, you’ve got to put out a little sweat.

T-7 days until Nadal can finally call himself the best player. Fun to know that regardless of how they do in Beijing, Nadal will be seeded first in New York.


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