Nadal joins the #1 club on August 18th, but…

did you know there is a club that is even more prestigeous?

23 players have hit the #1 spot in the (ranking) open era. Being 24th, Nadal may not feel that special. It all comes down to the number of weeks. But the more important club to join, is the Year End #1 group. Most players who hit the top ranked spot usually hit it early or mid-season allowing the best of the best to take it over in the fall. Would you believe that Borg only ended two of his years as the top ranked guy? Well, he did. Reason being that Connors regularly replaced him during those first few years of Borg’s career. Add McEnroe as well and you get a turbo trio of swapping positions.

There is one record Federer is now close of losing from both Connors and Sampras. Connors had a 5 year run of being YE world #1 and Sampras 6. Federer has only 4 because he climbed to #1 after Aussie Open in 04. If he’s going to play better this fall, he can take that too.

Although the YE #1 club has some big names, there are a couple of surprises as well. Agassi for example, spent 101 weeks on #1 spot, but only ONCE ended the year as #1! Sampras is to blame. Andy Roddick should be happy to have ended 2003 as top ranked, because he only spent 13 weeks on top, and most of them where the off-season.
Here’s a chronological list of the YE #1 players so far:

Connors x 5
Borg x 2
McEnroe x 4
Lendl x 3
Edberg x 2
Sampras x 6
Hewitt x 2
Federer x 4 (5?)

Nadal needs to play his heart out this fall, if he wants to break into this “exclusive” club. But Federer, IMO is still by far the most stable and consistent #1 ever. His consecutive weeks on top shows why these 4 years are worth perhaps more than Sampras’ 6 years. When did Sampras go W, F, W, W in the respective Grand Slams 2 times in a row?

I will start a new Greatest of all time entry soon. Timing is perfect with Federer’s so-called “fall”.


One Response to “Nadal joins the #1 club on August 18th, but…”

  1. Daimyou Says:

    Please, Include some data on Nadals, Rogers´fall, and where was people at the age of 22

    Longing for it

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