What I liked about this year’s Cincy

Just look at the last 8 players in the tournament. It’s the optimal mix of players. You’ve got the late “bloomer” Karlovic standing 15 feet high. Kohlschreiber is also blooming late, if that’s what he’s doing this year. Good oldy Moya reached the QF of a hard court Masters, which he just doesn’t do anymore. He played a few good matches this week. Andy Murray, the big talent from GB, has finally gotten that first important title. He is still only 21 and represents the late 80s generation. If nothing bad happens, Murray has probably entered the top 6 to stay there.

Gulbis has since USO last year impressed me. He seems like he fits in the Djoko-Murray category. He has the height to be a decent server. He has good groundstrokes, he moves well and has the brain. He was the only guy, besides Federer, to take a set off Nadal in Wimbledon. You have to take notice of such “details”. He is still 19 I think and just starting his pro career and moving fast upwards.
Djokovic is probably one of the most promising future #1 since Becker maybe, or Sampras? Age 21 he is probably the strongest #3 EVER and was very close to #2 in May. Now he just needs to continue his fight against two of the best players we’ve seen in some time. Also belongs to the late 80s generation.

Lapentti? How the heck did this guy get here? He hasn’t done anything special in ages and is still running strong at age 32. He was a top 10 player and it’s always nice to see old players getting back in the spotlight again. Nadal is ALSO of that same mid-late 80s generation and needs no further introduction. In 12 days, he will finally be the world’s best tennis player.

What I liked the most though, is that we finally got a NEW winner of a masters title.
Listen to this.. the last NORMAL year in terms of # of masters winners was back in 2004. We had 6 different winners that year. 2005 it all changed to Federer, Nadal and a few other guys. 2005 Fed and Rafa shared 8 out of 9 titles and Berdych took that last, but not the most important Paris Masters. 2006, Robredo won the Hamburg title when Fed and Rafa didn’t meet for class, and Roddick took a suprise win in Cincy. Like the year before Fed and Nadal weren’t too interested in Paris, so Davydenko took this one. 2007 you can add Djokovic and Nalbandian.

Point is that it’s just a little more fun to see other player than Federer, Nadal and now Djokovic sharing all titles.

GO MURRAY AND THE mid-late 80s models!


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