Andy or Novak?

Andy Murray has finally started to live up to his potential as described by the “experts” on the flat screen. It actually reminds of the Federer days in 02 and 03 when he was on his way up, but too many poor results made the fast rise impossible. Tonight Murray will face the ONE week younger Djokovic in his first Masters final. Djokovic is probably one of the fastest risers through the ranking, by jumping from unknown to #3 behind two superstars in no time. Very similar styles of play, but one of them has a bigger weakness. Can you guess?

Murray’s serve, right. The reason he passed the Ivo test yesterday, was because he knows how to return and played very well every time Karlovic didn’t hit the T or out-wide aces. So every time Ivo mixed it up with a net approach or just a more “sophisticated” serve, Murray knew what to do. From what I saw, Murray was able to lob over the giant sucsessfully almost every damn time. Against Novak, he must raise his game significantly. Karlovic is easy to crack, if you get his serve back more than half of the time, but Djokovic has less limitations. In fact, yesterday’s Nadal beating showed that Djokovic might be headed for the Olympics just to represent his country, but I think that US Open title sounds far better to him. And winning Cincy will be the best prep.

So who will win? Murray won their last meeting in Toronto last week, but Djokovic seemed a little out of his element. Murray did play great, but it cannot be unsaid that every time they met before this, Djokovic had almost no problems beating him. Novak is 4-1 h2h and 8-3 in sets. But who SHOULD be the most determined to win this? Murray. If he wants to get close to slams, he must start beating the top guys more than just “that once” and win THESE events, not San Jose and Memphis. I actually think both players have more than enough reason to give 101% today, and therefore we could get their closes match. If there’s a favorite, it’s gotta be Djokovic, but if he doesn’t play like he did against Nadal, Murray might find a way to beat him. But Murray…… YOU HAVE TO SERVE WELL! Hold it over 70%, man!


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