New World #1

The question is now, when? If he loses to Novak tonight, he’s gonna have to wait another couple of weeks before passing Federer. If he wins, but loses the final, he will have to wait another week, I believe. But best of all, if he wins the whole damn thing, he will get a sweet winning streak from April and #1 position on Monday. Can he pass Novak? I see NO reason why not.

In the other SF a couple of “newcomers” have entered the arena. Karlovic is one big man, and Murray has started to play very consistent compared to earlier in his career. This time in 2006 he defeated the virtually unbeatable Federer, but was losing many 1st rounders. This year he is reaching several QFs and SFs.

Who will play the final? Is it possible to NOT pick Nadal? The guy isn’t losing matches anymore. And do I dare guess that Karlovic will hit 10+aces? Scoreline will be something like 7-6, 6-7, 7-6. Murray is a good returner so I can’t tell who wins the third set tiebreak. I go with Murray.


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2 Responses to “New World #1”

  1. 8 Says:

    nadal is the man!

  2. da|v|ned Says:

    murray is looking good to win his first masters what say?

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