Federer, you lucky bastard!

If tennis tournaments are races, Federer just got a mile head start. Of the top seeds who get byes, he’s got the easiest way to the final. First possible seed is Gonzo. Next in a QF is Roddick. Then a SF could go against Davydenko or Blake. I say he’s good to go. Roddick seems to be the only one who can scare him a little bit, but I think the Miami win was a factor of late mono effects. I would be surprised to see Federer NOT showing up on Sunday for another final. Blake is also in early trouble. He just lost to Tursunov and can get him early. Youzhny and Stepanek could also annoy him on the way. But if he’s a top 10 player, he should actually beat all (even Davydenko) on his favorite surface and run into Federer in a semi.

On the other side, it’s the draw from hell. Murray, Safin, Querrey, Wawrinka, Verdasco, Canas, Soderling, Dancevic (did good last year), Ancic, Djokovic, Ferrer, Gasquet, Berdych, Nadal + many more. Only name missing is Federer. I can see a Murray-Djokovic QF. I think that’s the only quarter that is easier to call. Although Safin, Ancic, Querrey, Canas are all capable of upsetting these bigger names. In the last quarter a Nadal-Ferrer QF is not far fetched. In fact, if Nadal has become such a good hard court player like he was during the spring, he should even beat Ferrer. We remember Ferrer easliy taking Nadal down in Shanghai, but I think Nadal feels more comfortable outside.

So with the seeds (or other favorites) the easies QF prediction is:


Then, it’s more likely that we get another Federer-Djokovic final. I doubt Federer would allow Djokovic to win it again. We’ll see.


2 Responses to “Federer, you lucky bastard!”

  1. Nadala Says:

    Nadal over Federer 6-1, 6-1 in the final

  2. da|v|ned Says:

    wtf?are you kidding me?all top players get byes

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