The Race

Once again the big three are secured a spot at the Masters Cup in Shanghai. Nadal seems to be unbeatable this year, but might have a reality check when moving on to the fast hard courts of North America. He will still be way over 1000 points this year and Federer will have to win the US Open to even think of catching up. Not that #1 or #2 in the race is important, but if Nadal stays number one the entire fall, it might be that he will end the year as world #1 on the ranking.

Djokovic is also safe with his third place. Here on out things get more interesting. If there are three more players who shoud, and probably are, going to Shanghai, it is Davydenko, Ferrer and Roddick. All three will probably collect enough points during the summer and fall.

After that we have Alamgro who performed extremely well on clay. He has also done some good matches on hard, but the big results are not there yet. I don’t think he would enjoy playing the indoor event in Shanghai against the best players in the world.

Murray sailed up to the 8th spot, due to his recent OK results in Wimbledon. I bet he gets inspired enough to do well in the rest of the tournaments. For him, it’s important to stay consistent. I would much rather see him in QF every time, rather than winning one of the tournaments and go out early in the rest. If he can do some damage in Toronto and Cincinnati, he should be good to go.

This is the top 8 as we see it today. However, I would think Almagro gives way to a hard court loving bastard. I suspect Blake has a chance. Tsonga must return, because he also should have a shot at #8 on hard and indoor.

Wawrinka? Gonzo? Nalbandian? (who needs to defend to masters titles!) Ancic? Verdasco? Soderling?

I don’t think we will see too many surprises this year either. This is how I think it will turn out towards the end of October:

1. Nadal
2. Federer
3. Djokovic
4. Ferrer
5. Roddick
6. Davydenko
7. Wawrinka
8. Blake

Did I forget someone?


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