Nadal wins after almost 5hrs!

One of the best tennis matches I have ever witnessed in my 23 years on the face of the planet. This is by far the most intense, well-played, dramatic, multiple variabled, entertaining, nerve wrecking, nail biting match people of the newer and younger generation has ever seen. I don’t really know how people in the 70s, 80s and 90s were while watching this type of match, but I can’t come up with a comparison. We are in 2008, and the tennis is being played at an incredible and fantastically high level. Yes there are still unforced errors, but not once have I been more impressed in a Grand Slam final.

I thought I was speechless (and I was), but it’s easier to write. Nadal won a match, where he was ahead pretty much all the way. Federer was dangerously close to loss after 3 and 4 sets, but managed to pull his game together and get us into one of the best Grand Slam finals of all time. Winners were outstanding, aces came at critical points, passing shots were illeagally beautiful and power shots were picture perfect. This match lacked nothing! Rain delays, comebacks, championships points that were saved, stunning winners, stunning errors, stunning serves, stunning returns, stunnings rallies, and I could go on like this for quite some time, but I cannot come up with ONE thing that was disapointing during this match.

Nadal won 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7.  (I almost wrote 10-8, you kinda lose track of the figures). Is it really possible to analyze the match?!

Well, it was probably impossible to predict that Nadal would go on and win the first two, only to lose the next two and go to 9-7 in the fifth as the sky turned dark. If, I said, IF, Federer was able to hold (or break) and make it 8-8, the match would be finished tomorrow. Not only can be say that the match was decided on an inch, or millimeter, but it was decided with the minutes and seconds of daylight still remaining to get a champion tonight. The initial rain delay didn’t have too much contribution, but it did make the match go into darkness. But as Nadal started to play, there was a clear sign that he was the one to beat on grass this year. Or on any surface for that matter. He was playing a controlled and solid game both on serve and on return. Broke Mr. Rogerer in the first set and held incredebly all the way through it. Rafa got broken quickly in the second set, and everything was indicating a 1-all score. Did anyone get flashbacks from Hamburg perhaps?! Fed(erer) had a friggin 4-1 lead and was able to piss it away! Or was it Nadal’s phenomenal play that decided it?! A solid and great combination IMO. Federer did his share of unforced, but the wind was NASTY before the rain came in.

Okay, Rafa broke back and took the set. At 6-4, 6-4 there was a clear sign that this would be Rafa’s year. He played better than Roger, played the important points better, which always is the deciding factor on these occasions, and would most likely take the 3rd set as well. Roger held serve, and once more and once more, although Nadal seemed very solid during the entire 3rd set. Probably the most exciting set of the tournament at that point. Tiebreaker! Who was favorite. According to statistics, Nadal. But who gives a rat’s behind!? Tiebreak statistics are stupid and Roger was solid and proved to the world that world #1 is not gonna lose to world #2 in straight sets TWO TIMES IN A ROW! 2-1!

That fourth set is probably an ABC in how to play the game of tennis for ALL tennis players out there. You find forehand winners, ditto on backhand, volleys, passing shots, serves, drop shots, killer slices, returns, every damn aspect of the game! Even friggin MENTAL strength is possible to watch! Who was strongest mentally during the 4th set?! Well as Federer won, I think Federer! Even if Nadal had a 5-2 lead in the breaker or whatever it was. 2-all. Not bad, not bad at all!

Final set, and Roger and Rafa need to prove what the heck they are worth, figuratively speaking. Call me crazy, but the rain delays seem to have worked in Fed’s favor. At 2-all when they were interrupred, Nadal seemed strong as heck. Right after the delay, Federer was serving huge, hitting huge winners and playing his best. Am I crazy?! Nadal had break points on two occasions before he broke him! Right, but Federer was holding serve more comfortably than he had during the entire match, without THESE two break points opportunities. Even on Nadal’s serves, he looked very dangerous and I thought throughout this entire set that Federer is looking better than Nadal. The fact that Federer was still making more errors than Nadal was a results of the diffferent playing styles, no suprise. And that’s why he lost. A couple (yeah… like 2!!) balls he hit wide or in the middle of the net, which he couldn’t afford to. That’s why he lost. I genuinely think he looked stronger during that 5th set! Nadal played better for much of the other 4 sets and probably got what he deserved in the end, which was a VITAL break of serve. Federer hit the biggest, and the most inhuman and sickest return on the first match point, but couldn’t hold his shaking body together for the second (which was like match point #4 or 5 in total).

Deserved win is my verdict, but when a Grand Slam final, and not any slam, Wimbledon finals goes to 7-all in the final set, both players deserve the win. This match deserves to be watched when teaching kids how to play tennis, to replace coffee, to give people heart attacks, but also as a defibrilator. I think I’m gonna purchase this final and watch it every time I even consider tennis as a boring sport (which it certainly isn’t) or just if I’m in a bad mood.

This final will definetely end up as the best final every played. I said best! Borg-McEnroe in 80 was exciting, but these guys hit errors and did all sorts of junk. It was a nail biter, but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a better final in the quality of tennis either! Nearly five hours and the best man of this spring wins and steals Federer’s 65 incredible winning streak on grass. 65 doesn’t sound too incredible, but that’s 6 (six) friggin years!!!!! Fantastic Nadal! And I want to congratulate him for his hard effort and his fantastic athletisism. His game has brought so much to tennis, especially this rivalry with Federer, which is far from over. I assume Federer will be more motivated to hunt down Nadal in Paris and give him the first loss there EVER, and maybe steal the golden trophy back. We all know Federer is capable, and that Nadal will be there to prevent it. I cannot wait!

Right now, Nadal deserves all the credit he can get from all fans, and go into this final part of the year with the hopes of breaking the #1 barrier. As he has achieved the unthinkable, this now looks like a very possible outcome in a few months’ time. He almost never has A LOT of poinst to defend in the fall, so here is his chance to get ahead of the great Roger. Fantastic performance from both and lets just hope that US Open will be a small fraction as entertaining. That will do!

Bravo Nadal!



4 Responses to “Nadal wins after almost 5hrs!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Greatness. Simply out of this world!

  2. Mehen Says:

    Federer will win US Open!

  3. Selena Says:

    Nadal is the most Hottest 22 year old Tennis player I’ve seen Play since i played for Minneapolis Inner City Team,I often wonder if he is ‘Open’ to go out with an American Girl who loves his Sport as much as she loves Him……

  4. da|v|ned Says:

    Great unbiased Article!it was a scintillating encounter between the best 2 players in the world!

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