Roger or Rafa?

Third time’s a charm?

Federer and Nadal have been, without any doubt, the two best players of the tournament so far. Not because they got to the much anticipated final, but because I’ve never seen any of the two play 6 really good matches in a row in Wimbledon. I remember Federer as a shaky “first weeker” and Nadal just not good enough on grass. Since that 2006 final, they’ve both grown and grown and Nadal is now better on grass, hard, carpet, water, snow… all surfaces. The question is now; is he good enough this year?

If the 2007 final was a 60-40 Fed advantage, this year it’s like 51-49. It might be a Fed straight set win, but this time I actually think Nadal can take it in 3. Probably the hardest slam final they’ve played to predict. In all RG finals, Nadal was favorite. In all Wimbledon finals, Federer was favorite. This time Nadal seems just too strong to go home withouth the golden trophy. But like I’ve said before… I cannot think Federer will lose on grass until I actually see it happening. When Nadal reaches match point tomorrow, I will reconsider my decision, but right now Federer hasn’t been stopped in 6 years.

Federer wins in 4 and finally!!! gets his first slam of the year.


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