Last 16

On Monday there will be some matches who are impossible to call, while some are 100% safe bets.
Federer will beat Hewitt. Why? Hewitt hasn’t beaten him since the year he was #1, 2003. So 11 in a row for Federer will make it 12 on Monday.

Verdasco-Ancic will be quite fascinating. Spain vs an ideal grass player. Ancic was able to take out Ferrer, but not by much. Will he get in trouble with the lefty? Verdasco has been the most positive surprise of the tournament and I see few reasons he will completely fail against the tall Croat. Close battle, but Ancic is favorite going in IMO. Why? Grass game + the fact that their only meeting was in Queen’s a couple of weeks ago, which Ancic won in straight sets.

Safin-Wawrinka is another question mark. Safin has never beaten the Swiss, but with the form and winning mood he is in, the outcome shouldn’t be predictable. I haven’t been able to spot Wawrinka on the grass court this season, but you’re not a bad player if you get to the 4th round on grass. Besides, Wawrinka is a top 10 player! I see problems for Safin, but if he can go on with the play he has, almost no one can stop him.

Wow. Another hard nut. Baghdatis seems to have found his fighting skills. Lopez… well has he ever been this far in a slam? Yes, he actually went to the QF in 05. He was able to pull wins against Safin and Ancic! Not too bad! I can actually see him in another QF. Sorry Baggy

Tipsarevic-Schuettler is probably harder to predict than what it seems. Schuettler is an old man though. The firing hot Tipsarevic should see the fantastic opportunity in just a couple of matches away from a SF in Wimbledon. But maybe the more experienced Schuettler keeps his cool better than Tipsy. Hard to say, but this is a tie of Schuettler’s best performance here and I think it will be the last.

Potential to be a great match. The young gun vs the experienced gun. Cilic is one of the big serving guys who is 1 of maybe 4 or 5 players with top 10 potential the next few years. A QF will be a small breakthrough for him and I can see him serving his way past the shorter Frenchman. He too, will have a chance of a lifetime in a QF against Tipsy/Schuettler to get to a SF.

Gasquet-Murray could go in as a classic. Both lack consistency, but probably two of the most talented guys to play the game today. Gasquet has had a horrible season, and seems to be back. Murray is at home and will want nothing more than to play Nadal on centre court and show the world what he can do to the French Open champ. I think this match could either be high quality or 100 errors each. Either way, 4 or 5 sets looks likely.

Youzhny-Nadal is a perfect match for us who like to see underdogs win. But who is the underdog? Nadal has a 6-4 advantage h2h, but minus the two on clay they are pretty even. Remember last year? Youzhny was up 2 sets to LOVE and got some backpain which fueled Nadal’s hopes and played what he called the best 3 sets ever on grass? Only questions are; is Youzhny as good as last year? Is Nadal better than last year? Maybe no and clearly yes respectively. Most likely outcome is Nadal in 3 hard fought sets, but I’m gonna give Youzhny another chance to take out the favorite. IMO, if Youzhny wants to hit a slam final, he just needs to beat Nadal and the road will clear up to some extent. I’ll give Nadal a 60-40 chance, but Youzhny playing his best seems to bother Nadal into defeat.

Come on people! Wouldn’t you love to see a Safin-Youzhny final?!


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