Roddick OUT

What can you do when you are completely outplayed in the 2nd round? You can head for home and hope that the hard court season can bring you some luck. It wasn’t a bad pick to get a Roddick-Nadal SF here in Wimbledon, but Tipsarevic prevented that with some incredible play. Especially the serve. How Tipsy was suddenly able to use his serve as his main weapon is realy something. And how he just didn’t make many error even thouh he sent those balls at 100mph even on the groundstrokes, is also quite something. This was IMO even more unexpected than the Djokovic upset, because Roddick hasn’t been shot out this yearly EVER. Even in 2001 he made the 3rd round and was ranked 33.

Not a good day for Americans as Blake also took a beating from Schuettler. Not AS surprising, but disapointing from a top 10 player, not doubt. What will be interesting now is who the heck will replace the “Roddick” spot in the SF? Clement, Melzer, Cilic, Mathieu, Schuettler, Garcia-Lopez, Tursunov, Tipsarevic. I’ve only watched Tipsy play in this tournament. I’m assuming Tipsy is the actual favorite for that spot, if he can play his game a few more matches.

Nadal lost a set, but was able to cruise through the next three and take himself into the 3rd round. One upset at a time, please! From the names I mentioned above, only two of them are seeds. Meaning that there is a good chance he won’t face a seed in the SF. However, tomorrow Kiefer (27) is next, and the winner of Stepanek-Youzhny after that. Not easy.

Let’s get back to today. With the big names going out, this might be the most boring day so far. Roger will beat Gicquel. Hewitt will take care of Bolelli. Berdych-Verdasco can be longer. Verdasco has really found his best grass shoes and seems to enjoy the green stuff a little more. Berdych might be too strong for the spaniard. The only match I’m gonna wanna watch is Ancic-Ferrer. I think these two are the hottest candidates for the Federer SF. One of them has to go and I think it’s Ferrer. Even though he has established himself as a top 5 (now 4) player, he probably doesn’t have that perfect grass play for 7 straight matches. He might win today, but I can see him lose again on Saturday. I say Ancic will win the closes match in Wimbledon so far.

Safin must beat Seppi, if he hasn’t gone bored and tired and lost the motivation again. Wawrinka should take Zverev, Baghdatis over Stadler and Lopez over the last? American Reynolds.

I don’t know who can threaten a Fed-Nadal final anymore, but I see the threat in Stepanek/Youzhny and Murray to take out Nadal before the SF. Not impossible.


One Response to “Roddick OUT”

  1. Tim Says:

    Poor guy. Can’t catch a break.

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