Day 4

Are you ready for some more seed shootin’?

Yesterday Serbia almost cried twice as Djokovic was in trouble for 3 whole sets and Ivanovic for 3 sets and 3+ hours. One went home, one was the luckiest I’ve ever seen. 1mm from defeat, then winning 10-8 in the finals set. Ain’t that something?! Gonzo took an early beating from Bolelli, Federer sent Soderling back to Sweden, Baggy passed another Swede and Safin’s road to 2nd week looks great. After today, we will have 32 contenders left. Here are some of today’s big matches.

Has the grass slowed down enough? Is Gulbis hitting few enough errors? Will he return well against the brutal lefty? If there’s a time to take out the potential finalist Nadal, it’s NOW! Ball bounce is still low and a flat hitter like Gulbis is usually what troubles Nadal. If he can serve great, make just as few errors like he did against Isner (15 in 4 sets) and return some of the big Nadal serves (yes I said frickin’ BIG), he will actually stand a chance. However, Gulbis wants to make this a straight set win. That’s the only indication giving him a chance. If it does to 4 or 5, Nadal’s strength will overtake. But from a realistic standpoint, and just like my idiot prediction in the Djokovic-match, I think this will be a close 3 set battle where Nadal comes out as winner. I’ll give Gulbis one set because he has impressed me in slams, but not in smaller tournaments. The 4th round in USO last year was great at such a young age, and I’m sure he has top 5 potential.
Nadal in 4

No way will Murray lose this. If he does, British tennis will once again hit rock bottom. If there’s a year where Murray is looking like a L8 or L4 candidate, it’s this year. He can certainly be a threat to Nadal in a QF, if they get that far. This should be a smooth win in 3 sets. With Murray you never know when he plays a horrible error-filled set, but on center court against a player he knows he should beat…..
Murray in 3

Tipsy needs to save Serbia’s honor for the gentlemen’s singles. The Federer-match is still fresh in mind, but I don’t know if he’s the best grass player. IMO, his game should be good for fast grass, because of relatively short swings, good returning skills and flat powerballs. Question is just; can he return the Roddick serve? I don’t think Roddick will lose quite yet. I think he gets even more motivated to see people like Davydenko and Djokovic on their heads out and will take his game one step further from 1st round. Can he lose a set? Only if his first serve goes under 60%. I was, and still am, very impressed with some of his second serves going at 110 mph with a sick kick. Bye, bye Tipsy
Roddick in 3

I’ve never seen the Brit play, but I’ve heard his just like any other newly discovered star; quite good when playing his best, but more often than not… not so good. He has clearly nothing to lose, and I think we can see a close battle. What will be interesting to see if he can deal with Court 1 and having like 10,000 screaming fans in his head at all time. Tursunov is just a little more experienced and cold enough to make this into a one-sided battle. But I think he’s inconsistent enough to make it longer than necessary.
Tursunov in 4 or 5

This is important. If Gasquet can pass Grosjean, he can go towards Nadal and into 2nd week. I don’t know if he will be able to defend his SF and stay inside the top 10, but he can certainly pull off a win today. I liked what I saw against Fish. I think it was his best match so far this year. That says something about his motivation to advance further. Grosjean is another type of hitter. Mixing a little more, coming for some volleys more often and will probably try to neutralize some of Gaquet sick backhands and just get them back in play rather than hitting them insanely hard like Fish tried. Two smart players playing smart tennis could give us some good tennis. Grosjean is no joke on grass and has a chance if he can get some momentum going. I’ll still give Gasquet a head start based on first round performance.
Gasquet in 3


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