Last 64

Still plenty to send home. Who will it be?
Today the upper half will hopefully get through their 2nd round matches, and you can expect som good tennis from start to finish. First up is Djokovic-Safin.

I cannot say that this is hard for Djokovic. I know who we’re dealing with here, but Safin hasn’t been a top player in years and will most likely go home around 3 p.m. local time. Safin may have won AO and USO, but has never passed the QF in Wimbledon, which is by far his best result here back in 2001. Tell me why he would beat the 2nd best player of 2008… Anything else but straight sets, will look good on Safin’s half, but I’m afraid Djokovic isn’t willing to give anymore sets away.
Djokovic in 3

Commentator’s said this will be a real test for Rog. I agree. Soderling is probably a top 10 player indoor and maybe even on grass. He has a poor record here, but last year he seemed better in all of his matches. However, for some reason, he hasn’t been able to win any tournaments outside, and hasn’t even reached a final in the fresh air. So he is struggling with the natural elements, and when you meet Federer….. BAM!
Federer in 3

REMATCH! of 1st round in AO, where Baggy won in 4. We are on grass which suits the Swede better on many levels. Most important is that he too has started to grow old (like comrade Bjorkman).
I’m sorry for the blond, but Baggy looked uncharacteristically strong on Monday and will take this match. It could go long, but that doens’t favor an already tired Johansson.
Baghdatis in 4

Del Potro-Wawrinka
I just cannot call it. Del Potro has the potential to become a top player in a few years. Being an 88′ production he still has the time to develop his game. If it’s a good time to break through, it’s now. He hasn’t done a lot this year (8-7), but last week was able to make the SF in Holland. Wawrinka on the other hand has broken the top 10, but it’s still the same guy who seems to enjoy clay and slow rather than grass, slippery and fast. Excellent opportunity for Del Potro to advance.
Del Potro in 3

The rest of the matches either speak for themselves, or the players are both to unknown for me to care.

Tomorrow is the bottom half. Just a quick thing about Nadal. He served 17 aces! You know what? So did Roddick! I’m starting to see why maybe Nadal-Roddick wouldn’t be as close as you’d think. There’s no doubt Nadal looked good out there, but like I’ve said, he has a tough couple of matches ahead. As long as the grass turns brown, his chances to stay in increases. Gulbis is next and Youzhny waits in the 4th. Both have a fair chance of knocking him out. What do you think?


One Response to “Last 64”

  1. Tim Says:

    How wrong was that?! It was Djokovic who was sent packing around 3.

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