Day 1 over – into Day 2

Nothing BIG happened yesterday. Federer, Djokovic, Hewitt, Ferrer and other top players pulled through. HOWEVER! David Nalbandian, the most inconsistent top 10 player I’ve ever seen, lost to Dancevic in straight sets. Nalbandian is a player who makes predicting very difficult.
Some surprises includes the matches of Hewitt-Haase, which went to 5 tight sets; so did Berdych-Korolev which was even closer; I think Verdasco beating Kohl in 3 was pretty impressive; AND AND AND…. Karlovic is once again out of a slam as early as possible! Simon Stadler?!?! was able to pull through in 4 sets against the giant Croat. He seems to like Queen’s and Nottingham (7-1 I think), but Wimbledon seems to be a nightmare. Don’t get it. Here is some of today’s action:

Roddick should not only get this one in straight sets, he should so it fast. I’m not so worried for his health, because I don’t know the status, but when the shoulder of the fastest serving player is not 100%, then you know he’s in trouble. Let’s hope he’s 100% and is able to use this relativley easy draw to get to a SF (or final).
Roddick in 3

Although I predict that Mahut-Roddick is a likely 3rd round, I don’t know if Mahut is good enough to beat Tursunov. They’ve never met so it’s hard to say. Mahut is the better grass player, IMO, but Tursunov knows how to deal with best of 5 sets. This could easily go to 4 or 5 and then Tursunov should be able to win, but if Mahut finds his best tennis, then it could be a straight set win. Being in doubt I’m gonna give it to the Russian.
Tursunov in 5

Veterans’ tennis! I think these guys will be happy for any win they can get here. Both have passed 30, well.. Bjorkman has passed 35, but both are capable of playing well on grass. As I see it Bjorkman is a huge favorite, with a better Wimbledon record. But the age will hamper if the match goes long, which it could, and Clement could take it. I’m gonna go and say that Bjorkman will dominate what might be his last Wimbledon appearance.
Bjorkman in 3

OH YES! Match of the day, no dobut! These guys have never met either. The thing is, the winner has a good shot of going all the way towards a Nadal QF. I don’t know who is in a better shape, but Fish has had a lot of positive results this year, while Gasquet has not done anything. As a top 10 player, Gasquet has a poor 13-12 record, while Fish #39 has 19-13. That’s not normal. Fish’s game should fit perfectly onto the fast grass and could trouble an already troubled Gasquet. I think Gasquet might almost get a similar comeback like last year, but Fish will take him down.
Fish in 4

Why isn’t thin match of the day? Because I know the outcome. Murray will get this match. I think he has a very big chance even if Santoro takes a set or two, then Murray is favorite due to his younger body. Santoro is heading out of pro tennis and couldn’t have gotten a worse 1st round (of course he could), but the point is that he has a poor 10-11 record, which doesn’t translate into sudden wins right now. Murray will go in as huge favorite, and with a loss the Brits have a reason to make a riot.
Murray in 3

Isner…no Gulbis… no Isner… no Gulbis. I actually believe in Gulbis, and I think most people do. There’s something about the tall people not being able to perform on best of five on grass, and I think it’s the surface character. If you are 7 ft or whatever and weigh more than two regular players combined, then momentum shift of the body is HARD on grass. It’s hard to manouver such a body on grass. Therefore if Isner wants to win he needs to hit like 40 aces and have no errors. I think he would have had a better chance on a fast hard court. Just look at the Federer match at US Open where he won the first set. There the movement of the big body is easier as you get more grip. Okay, enough with the physics… I’ve been impressed with Gulbis in big events, especially the last 3 slams.
Gulbis in 3

I usually write about interesting matches, but if I have Roddick I need to include Nadal. I think Nadal’s match is even easier, but you never know. I think Berrer gave Djoko enough trouble. That can be the story today as well. Beck is one of the tall guys, who I can only assume has a huge serve. But even in 3 tiebreaks Nadal will get it.
Nadal in 3


One Response to “Day 1 over – into Day 2”

  1. Tim Says:

    Give Dancevic SOME credit for his win! He had 5 (five) unforced errors in 3 sets! Not bad, eh?!

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