Why this week is important…

As we hit the QFs in the two grass tournaments, we get some very big and tight matches. These will be the only few days of grass play before Wimbledon for most top players. Here are some of the ones going at it today:

Can Nadal deal with the serve? I think I’ve just analyzed the match…. if yes, then victory, if no, then loss. Nadal had some problems returning Nishikori’s serve at times, who is like half of Karlovic’s height. I think it’s all up to the Croation giant. Serving well gets him into the SF. Poor serving will be loss.

Andy vs. Andy (aka Andrew vs. Andrew)
This might not even be a match. Murray had problems with his finger after the match saying that he struggles signing autographs. So don’t excpect to see the Andys entering the court, and if they do… Roddick is favorite. I say they enter the court and Murray starts like 0-3 down and retires. NOT the best start on grass for Roddick. I’m sure he wants some real opposition before hitting Nadal or Karlovic.

Hewitt – Djokovic
MATCH OF THE DAY! I refuse to believe that it won’t be nasty and close. Djokovic didn’t look all that strong yesterday and Hewitt… well if this isn’t his favorite tournament I don’t know which is. I actually believe in Hewitt for this one, but it’s all up to the Djoker. Playing to his full potential this should be a win for him. We’ll see if it was the slippery or cool conditions which made him play less than optimal. Maybe it will be dry today.

Gasquet – Nalbandian
This could either be entertaining, or one of the most boring QF in history. If there is a key word to describe it, it’s consistency or lack of it. Great talented players who cannot win several matches in a row, or several sets, or games. I hope they’ve entered the grass season with their best play and may the best player win out there. And I think Nalbandian has a shot at this one.

In Germany the matches are not of the uppermost level. I don’t understand why the order of play is still not out. Federer will destroy Baghdatis. Anything else will be a very strange result, because Baggy hasn’t played much since 2007 ended. Kohlschreiber-Soderling will be a baseline inferno, where fewest errors will give you the winner. Kohl has a good chance at home. Wildcard Beck will contest Blake for a SF spot, but Blake should get this one. Kiefer-Llodra is an error depended match as well, where Kiefer might do a Hamburg-run again.


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