Back on grass

…and some silly tournament on clay in Poland. Cannot understand why they don’t play it some other time. The two biggies are Queen’s and Halle where defending champs are Roddick and Berdych. Roddick has a chance to become the only player to have won Queen’s five times and Federer will seek to get back in business in Germany.

Nadal and Djokovic have nothing to lose and much to gain by playing a good warm-up tournament for Wimbledon. I don’t know why Nadal isn’t as good at these first small steps on grass before Wimbledon, but surely goes in as a favorite to win Queen’s. Djokovic should also be able to hit the SF or F. What will be interesting is to see whether it’s still only Hewitt and Roddick who can win in London. Since 2000, Hewitt and Roddick have been the only player winning it. And we have to go back to 1996 to find a non-Aussie or non-American winner. Who?? Becker won in 1996! Isn’t it time for a local winner? Sure it is…

Andy Murray is up against Gulbis and will have to get past Roddick in a QF. A Nadal-Roddick SF might be an interesting one, seeing if Roddick can do a Dubai-run one more time. Also, Gasquet and Nalbandian are always dark horses on grass and their form can only go up at this point.



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