Wow! I don’t know if Federer has ever been this humiliated in a GS event, or in any event for that matter. 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 is not a scoreline you’d excpect between the two best players of the world, but between the best and someone playing on semi-pro level. Today we saw a difference of class, a difference of quality and a frequent disbelief from the stands. At what point was it ever likely to see Nadal get 6-0 against Federer on any surface? Federer is usually good enough to prevent that from happening. Number aren’t all that important, but what it is important is Nadal and his 4th title in Paris, which makes him still undefeated. 28-0!!!

What was the match all about? Nadal hitting his usual inhuman shots, defending like a robot and getting many of the close call balls on the right part of the line and net. Federer was trying to attack, but was met with answers throughout the entire match. Federer tried to prevent Nadal from hitting his backhand… it seemed like that the backhand was the only shots he could attack with, because his forehand was error-filled. It just didn’t work this time either! OK, the more fair scoreline would have been closer, but it would not be 4 sets, which makes it the most one-sided meeting the two have shared. SICK, SICK, SICK and Nadal continues to go as virtually unbeatable on clay.  Can’t wait for the grass to see who’s the boss there!


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3 Responses to “Wow…”

  1. Eddy Gugliotta Says:

    I am almost 100% sure that this result has a more serious background such as health problems, he was not only lazy, sloppy and inconsistent, but he dragged his feet to the ball. It`s either this, or The Garros is rigged and the ATP does not want a total domination of the sport by only one player.

  2. Tim Says:

    A Fed Fan, Eddy? 😉

  3. RobinOntheRUN Says:

    Good god, that was terrible! You have to feel sorry for Federer. It seemed like he was all in for the FO title this year. Too bad the whole Jose-coach thing didn’t work quite as planned. You just wait and see who is even more impressive on a specific surface. Federer is still 6 years undefeated on grass!!! Beat that Nadal!

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