Day 4 into 5

No big upsets today. Might come tomorrow… Oh well Ferrero is a big upset, but he retired so it doesn’t count…

I think all of them go tomorrow… and here are the one’s I’d like to watch:

By the way, there are some players to look out for who I didn’t mention in my L16 predictions. Santoro is really getting old and needs some big achievement. Maybe he can do some damage this year. If we can even talk about winning RG, he needs to pass Federer has an absolute turning point in the SF. I don’t think that will happen, but I won’t rule out a 3rd round by passing Ferrer.
I also thought Monfils looked good today. Clement is not an easy nut and he sort of sailed through it in 3 sets.
I don’t know if Llodra did such a big thing of taking down Berdych in 5 sets on clay, but he’s there and he has that sort of Stepanek game who could do some damage… who knows?
AND… last but not least! I predicted headlines in the Almagro department this year. We will have to see whether he’s up for it against Murray. Murray has started with two very good results. The winner of this 3rd round might be the Nadal match-up.

Anywhoooo… rain is in store so have some patience!


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