Paris is soaking

…while some left the courts high and dry. Federer decided to go for a short day at the office. Qurrey wasn’t supposed to be a big threat, but made a name of himself with the QF in Monte-Carlo.  Not important… bottom line is he is through. Gonzo and Serra are also through in that same quarter, while Starace was stunned by a player form ESP who I’ve never heard of. Andujar?? Qualifier… we’ll see him against Gonzo.

The only guy through in the 2ns quarter was Robredo who played a good match against RG finalist Coria. Coria played great tennis for 1,5 sets and was a real threat throughout the entire thing, but Robredo seemed to know how to deal with Coria’s short moments of magic. Great clay court tennis!

Nadal was due to play, but the stupid weather had to start early this year. All of western Europe is under some clouds and I believe will be tomrrow as well.

Anyway… here are some notes on Day 2:
– Gasquet pulled out of RG because of a knee injury. Something smells bad here!
– Bolelli toppled Baghdatis in straight sets and with ease. What’s going on with Baggy?
– Wayne Odesnik (USA) def. Canas (red clay ARG) 7-6, 7-6, 7-6!!! USA has already passed last year’s brilliant 0-9 performance. or was it 0-11?
– Verdasco, who I predicted could go far, needed 5 tiring sets against Ventura. Who?
– Weather forecast for Tuesday: 21C (70F) and PM rain. A repeat of today?



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