Farewell Guga

Kuerten has said goodbye on a number of occasions this year, but French Open was somewhat more special. He definetely will be remembered as the star of of tennis during the turn of the century and millenium, where he won here in Paris three times. Yesterday he had to say goodbye to a crowd who probably came to see him play, and not Mathieu. Mathieu was able to look away from that and beat Kuerten i 3 and sent him to retirement.

In addition, Djokovic struggled against Gremelmayr for some time, but was able to end it in 4 sets. I don’t think there too much to it. Gremelmayr knew that his task was close to impossible and did what an underdog should do, just go for it! He tried to take the ball early and not allow Djokovic in the play, which for a set and a half worked ok. But number of unforced started to explode and Djokovic was able to take over completely.

Today, Nadal and Federer are in action. I didn’t know this was even possible, but Federer will play on Lenglen, which isn’t the center court! Has he been downgraded?! I thought he ALWAYS gets the center court. It will also be interesting to see if Gasquet is able to win A match. He will play his countryman Serra. I assume Serra is very ready for the task of beating a top 10 player with a 10-10 record this year. This match is wide open.


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