Pre-RG report card

Okay. Before we go to Paris and find the winner for the second slam of the year let’s look at how the guys have done so far this year. The grades are given mostly based on their W-L ratio, but also on what they’ve achieved.

Federer’s start is not a catastrophy. If that was the case he would have lost the #1 spot. He has a low, but healthy 79% wins. Estoril is the only result this year, but SF in AO and going deeper into IW and Miami are results that have raised his performance. Nadal has won most matches. But has also played most. He has done a PB on hard court grand slam in AO, final of Miami and SF in IW. Best of the top 3. And he’s clearly best on clay. There are two dissapointing results, which is not enough for an A. Rotterdam 2nd round, Rome 2nd round.

Djokovic is the only name that stands out. He started the year with his first slam. Then had an awkward loss in Marseille and to Roddick in Dubai. But then he went to California for the IW title and the only big hole this year is losing to 122 ranked Kevin Anderson in Miami. 11-3 on clay is a very good start before RG, A- . Davydenko is better than ever. Winning Miami is BIG. Having a % over 70 is pretty big for him actually. Performed over expectation, but is still losing early in too many tournaments. Maybe because he is still playing too many!

Ferrer ended 2007 really great, but hasn’t done anything to try and consolidate his posisiton. 70% isn’t good enough for #5. Roddick is still under my list of underachievers. BAD start at the AO ruins his A. Had he gotten to a SF he would have had the best ratio. Won Dubai and has beaten all of the big 3. Very good start, but not perfect. Actually this isn’t relevant for him anymore because he will NOT play FO. First time he pulls out of a slam.

All right. The rest you can see and judge. But Gasquet!!! he is failing! 10-10 for a top 10 player?! That’s not gonna cut it. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, with his ex-coach, but somethig’s gotta change. BTW, watch out for Almagro…. might this be his year?!

  W L Ratio Titles Grade
Federer 26 7 0,79 1 B
Nadal 37 7 0,84 3 B+
Djokovic 28 6 0,82 3 A –
Davydenko 29 9 0,76 1 B
Ferrer 23 10 0,70 1 C
Roddick 24 5 0,83 2 B+
Nalbandian 20 7 0,74 1 C+
Blake 25 10 0,71 0 C
Gasquet 10 10 0,50 0 F
Wawrinka 23 11 0,68 0 C
Tsonga 14 8 0,64 0 C
Almagro 27 9 0,75 2 B
Murray 19 9 0,68 2 C
Stepanek 19 9 0,68 0 C
Fish 16 10 0,62 0 C –
Gonzalez 16 4 0,80 2 B



3 Responses to “Pre-RG report card”

  1. Senus Says:

    I agree with the report card, and I’m so sorry for Gasquet. So far, a wasted big talent!

  2. Tim Says:

    At what % do you get an A?
    You need more than 85% to get an A?!
    In that case Nadal and Djokovic should get the same grade. Had Djokovic played as much as Nadal he would probably have an even worse ratio. Both deserve an A!

  3. Mehen Says:

    Roddick is an underachiever? Maybe based on the Wimbledon titles, but not this year! 3rd round at AO is not top 10 material! Dubai was top 10 material if you look at it isolated, but not top 3 or 4!

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