Oh, come on Federer!

How many chances do you frickin’ need to get the W-I-N?

I was too upset to write about the final. Not because I’m a Federer-fan (I’m not), but because I really want Federer to get that silly RG title and make him the greatest on all surfaces ever. No bad words about Nadal, he played a fantastic match. In fact, up until 2-2 in the final set I thought… Federer was best in 1st set, best in 2nd set, why isn’t he winning this? A combo of mental collapse and Nadal turning matches around on break points. Federer was providing the viewers with the best tennis, Nadal was simply incredible defending as always and hitting some sick groundstrokes from time to time.

How about that rollercoaster ride? Imagine best case scenario for Federer based on realistc outcomes… 6-1, 6-2 SHOULD HAVE BEEN the final result! Set point at 5-1 and losing it 5-7?! That’s not Federer. Being up 5-2, close to breaking it into a third, but having to wait until the big tie break?!
Best case scenario for Nadal was 5-7, 7-6, 6-3, which was the end result. See what I’m sayin’?

No point in doing what-ifs. Nadal won and has a mental advantage over Federer. I just cannot explain the collapse from set point to losing 7 games in a row. Injury time out? No way, Federer is too experienced for that to bother him. The collapse started just before that.

So is he closer this year? I would think so. But he will never beat Nadal at 100% on clay. Maybe at 99%, which is really good. But to be honest, I don think Nadal was below 99% in that first set and Federer at 100%, which ultimately gave him 5-1 lead. Then Federer dropped to about 90%, while Nadal was at 100%. Probably one of the weirdest matches between them.

But yes, as a conclusion Federer is closer to the RG title and if he gets to the final, and if Nadal is there again, I can see him winning. Though he absolutely must be on the same level his was up until 5-1. Winners to unforced seems to be key + the effective serving. CAN’T WAIT. Let’s go to Paris!

This week is really a joke. This intense clay season seems to bring the big names out on practice courts rather than travelling to Casablanca or Poertschach. World Team Cup might be a fun prep for Paris, but no ATP importance there. Oh well, only one week and the FO is ON!


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