Novak vs. Rafael

Federer is sailing his own sea on the top half of the draw these days. Kiefer was just points away from a SF, but allowed Seppi back in to take the much desired top 4 spot in Hamburg.

But the real story is the other SF. Predicted and with the possibility of breaking some sort of records. The winner of Djokovic-Nadal will be the 2nd ranked player. Who cares about ranking?! I do!
The winner will not only get a hold of 2nd rank, but also 2nd seed in Paris. I don’t know if Nadal NEEDS that to win in Paris, but still…

Why is this such a big deal? Nadal has had the throne as the crown prince for 147 consecutive weeks! Longest ever sitting on that spot. After the success in 2005 he has just gotten closer and closer to Federer. Tomorrow could be the big turning point, or it could be a boost into the final against Federer. Regardless of these things, the better player will win tomorrow. I am sure Nadal will give 100%. Djokovic has been solid this week and if there was a good time to upset Nadal, it’s here, and it’s now. Will it happen? No way. I would have thought that the Djoker could take out Federer in Monaco, but it didn’t happen. It will happen some time, but not tomorrow.

I will be prepared to see another Federer-Nadal final on Sunday. Prove me wrong Novak!


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    fuck you

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